Tailor Takes On History Menswear Piece

Savile Row tailor Patrick Grant has added an unlikely collaboration with premium beer brand Affligem to his list of work.

The Menswear Designer award-winner was recently signed up to reinterpret the uniform worn by 11th century knights.

Grant has updated the coat and tails, worn by the founders of the alcohol business as far back as 1074, for a modern audience.

The two-piece suit features a tailored jacked, cut just above the knee, traditional high stand collar and whole-cut waist trouser with cavalry hem. Both pieces have been woven with a chainmail design jacquard in black wool, with silver and grey silks.

The project was overseen by Oxford University historian, journalist and presenter, Dominic Selwood, to ensure authenticity was maintained.

Grant said the project explored six centuries further than he has with E. Tautz, which has a history of around 400 years:

“It was fascinating to think about the function and design of the costumes of men in the 11th century and to try to meld them with the Savile Row techniques and fabrics, and interpret them for a contemporary audience,” he added.

Affligem, which produces blonde, double and triple styles of beer, plans to showcase the suit at events and claims to already be in talks with a number of interested parties.

Patrick Grant x Affligem