Independent Label Backs British Factories

Made in England independent S.E.H Kelly has launched the first half of its AW14 collection, produced exclusively in partnership British factories and mills.

The range comprises shirts, knitwear, jackets, trousers and outerwear in fabrics from different parts of England such as cashmere from West Yorkshire and jersey from Leicestershire.

Key pieces include the SB3 charcoal grey lambswool merino jacket, seam Ventile cotton weft-dyed jacket and granddad charcoal grey calico-cotton shirt.

Speaking exclusively to FashionBeans, co-founder Paul Vincent talked about creating “workwear made for today, not the 19th century”.

“There are quite a few specialised techniques involved. Many of the garments are simple, on the face of it, but tricky to design and make.”

“We strive to use cloth which is unusual, or off the beaten track-so we have things like deadstock Lancashire corduroy woven over 20 years ago,” he added.

The Shoreditch-based brand was founded in 2009 by Paul Vincent and Sara Kelly with the aim of integrating the techniques of Savile Row into casual wear.

The first half of the complete collection is available now online, with the second half expected in the coming months. Prices start from £120 for granddad shirts and reach up to £365 for outerwear.

S.E.H Kelly AW14 Collection