World’s First Stationery Made From Space

Paris-based pen manufacturer ST Dupont is hoping to take luxury to a new level by being the first ever company to create writing instruments from a Meteorite.

The brand’s Premium Elysée Meteorite Fountain Pen is coated in powder from Gibeon fragments, which entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed in Namibia, Southern Africa, around 30,000 years ago.

Only 150 of the pens have been made, each crafted in black lacquer with a palladium finish and featuring a 14 carat, solid gold nib.

The brand has described the creation as one “quite literally out of this world” as a result of using a material that once floated in space.

Several products have been created using the iron-heavy Gibeon Meteorite before, including jewellery, knives and guitar picks. However, ST Dupont claims to be the first to harness the material in stationery.

Founded in 1872, ST Dupont also sells leather goods and accessories such as briefcases, wallets, cuff links and sunglasses.

The Elysée Fountain Pen is available to buy now, priced at £795.

ST Dupont Meteorite Fountain Pen

ST Dupont Meteorite Fountain Pen

ST Dupont Meteorite Fountain Pen