Stussy & Heel Bruise Collaborate For First Time

Stussy and Heel Bruise collaborate for the first time internationally to produce the fifth chapter of the popular ongoing photo exhibition ‘Under the Radar’.

Known religiously in both the skate and street scene, the two brands are recognised globally for their relaxed West Coast revival approach to clothing and accessories.

For the first time, the Californian skate firms are travelling across Japan to showcase Under the Radar, venturing to Tokyo, Osaka and Futuoka.

Labelled the ‘Japan Tour’, the fifth photo exhibition focuses on everyday life within the skate and street community. The series brings urban street culture to art and fashion through lenses, capturing scenic and active visuals of skateboarders and enthusiasts of the brand.

Curator and co-founder of the show Mr. NJE first began the project a couple of years ago with a small collective of photographers. Ray Barbee, Devin Briggs, Curtis Buchanan and Robbie Jeffers were among the original names, which has since expanded, resulting in the involvement of notable international photographers Keith Hufnagel, Lance Mountain, Travis Jensen, Kenny Anderson, Jeff Potocar, Remio and David Rasool Robinson.

To coincide with the arrival of the fifth photo exhibition, Stussy and Heel Bruise have teamed up to create a small capsule collection, labelled Anytime Anywhere. The line is made up of graphic t-shirts, a coaches jacket, pullover fleece, caps and beanies.

The range is available to buy online at the Stussy website and at Stussy Chapter stores. Prices range from £15 to £51, with shipping to the UK costing just over £3.

For more information about the collection and the Under the Radar project visit the Stussy and Heel Bruise websites.

Stussy x Heel Bruise: Under the Radar #5

Stussy X Heel Bruise: Under the Radar #5: Anytime Anywhere

Stussy X Heel Bruise: Under the Radar #5: Anytime Anywhere

Stussy X Heel Bruise: Under the Radar #5: Anytime Anywhere