Topman Design Spring/Summer 2015

Topman’s high fashion Design arm took to the runway recently, reliving the 1970s as part of its outing at London Collections: Men.

The high street store’s offshoot referenced the popular Woodstock movement as well as element of the 1990s on day one of the fashion event.

Psychedelic sports knits, flared trousers and spread-collar shirts provided nods to previous decades, as did patchwork knits and upcycled cereal graphics paired with beaded necklaces and old school trainers.

Washed-out blazers and suit trousers were combined with wallpaper-style shirts, worn beneath toned-down pastel kimonos.

Tailored towelling, floral prints and velvet printed suitcases also appeared at The Old Sorting Office location.

The silhouettes were complemented by mop top hair styling and square, dark-lensed aviators, all of which drew from Brit Pop culture.

The rock ‘n’ roll looks alternated with clear lensed glasses and yearbooks tucked under model’s arms, for a preppy feel.

The SS15 show introduced 3D printing for the first time. During the slot, models were scanned before being turned into computer-generated avatars and preserved in prints.

Topman announced it will be making the digital gallery available to view online in the days following the event.

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Topman Design SS15 Runway Video

Topman Design SS15 Collection

Topman Design SS15

Topman Design SS15 Front Row

Topman Design SS15 Front Row

Topman Design SS15 Front Row

Topman Design SS15 Front Row