Vera Shoes Autumn/Winter 2014

The Welsh man behind Spanish brand Vera Shoes, Neil Morris, has launched his latest footwear collection.

Morris’ brand is well prepared for the coming season, following the release of a number of AW14 styles.

Founded on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean country, Veras Shoes is the creation of the former Cardiff clothing store owner.

The Vera label opened for business in 2010, working with local factories in and around Alicante that still produce the brand’s shoes today.

Speaking exclusively to FashionBeans, Morris described the founding of his label: “I was living in Spain and always thought about getting back into the industry, it was just a matter of when and where. I kept in touch with a lot of old contacts who were still in the game and showed them samples and it just went from there.”

Veras’s AW14 collection is made up of a broad selection of shoes, ranging from boat styles to shark-tooth soled boots.

Explaining his design process, Morris said: “I work with two great designers abroad and I basically tell them what I want with drawings and sketches, as well as the materials I like and we try and make some samples.”

A new suede buckle model with an espadrille sole has been added to the offering, alongside a casual moccasin with a rubber bottom.

Despite being an autumn/winter collection, colour is vibrant throughout the range, which features a whisky hue as well as navy, bright orange and yellow.

In addition, Veras has released a new line to be available in Japan. The ‘Meditteraneo’ collection comes in cheaper than the premium range, Morris confirmed: “The distributors wanted something more commercial and slightly younger so I’ve tried something new, hopefully people will like it.”

The AW14 collection by Veras Shoes will be available in July from Hip Store, Leeds; Number Six, London; Royal Cheese and Citadium, Paris; and CHCM, New York. Pricing ranges from £90 for the Lisbon model, to £135 for the Burgos and Betis shoes.

Vera Shoes AW14 Collection

Veras Shoes: AW14 Collection

Veras Shoes: AW14 Collection

Veras Shoes: AW14 Collection

Veras Shoes: AW14 Collection