They often say Instagram is the window to one’s soul – and while viewing Kim Kardashian’s painfully curated gallery of pouting selfies, I’m inclined to agree.

The world’s favourite social app does have its uses however – chiefly that of high quality watch accounts to satisfy all your horological desires. That Rolex Submariner may be out of financial reach, but there’s nothing to stop you ogling some decent #watchporn.

Here we round up the accounts that should be in any self-respecting watch aficionado’s follow list.

Isaac J. Gold, Wound For Life Writer

It’s not every day you see Jaeger-LeCoultre sat next to N.W.A album art, but Isaac J. Gold (renowned writer for watch magazine Wound for Life) gives us a sneak peek into all his interests.

He also manages to place the industry’s luxury labels within an everyday context; we might not be able to afford a Bell & Ross Limitada, but at least we can see one on the wrist with how to wear visuals.

Follow: @isaacwin

Isaac J. Gold Instagram Account

QueueCumber, Watch Collector

We still haven’t got the foggiest when it comes to the name but QueueCumber knows his stuff when it comes to haute horlogerie.

In a flood of Rolex, Panerai and Omega images, we’re granted a glimpse of luxury timepieces placed within more casual ensembles. There are no flash cars or cringeworthy magnums of champagne here – just pure watch idolatry from a true watch fan.

Follow: @_queuecumber_

QueueCumber Instagram Account

Hodinkee, Leading Watch Publication

As a team that needs no introduction, Hodinkee are arguably the leading authority in the sector with an Instagram account to match.

An editorial focus gives an easy yet visual experience in which you can sample disassembled movements, story teasers and a constant stream of desirable new products.

Follow: @hodinkee

Hodinkee Instagram Account

The Watch Gallery, British Watch Retailer

As a purveyor of all things fine and Swiss, The Watch Gallery’s Instagram account is a delectable mixture of luxury watches, brand-sponsored events and upcoming pieces from century-old brands.

Primarily gent-focused but with tidbits for the ladies, expect a wealth of horological inspiration.

Follow: @the_watch_gallery

The Watch Gallery Instagram Account

Russell Kelly, Tudor Brand Manager

Tudor is very much the horological phoenix, rising from the ashes of hiatus to stamp its mark on the industry once more.

Often seen as Rolex’s more casual younger sibling, Russell Kelly is Tudor’s current brand manager and provides us with further insight into the mindset of the company via a range of moodboards and non-professional snippets.

Follow: @rslkly

Russell Kelly Instagram Account

Wristi, Texan Watch Enthusiast

With wrist shots aboard a summer yacht to timepieces at boozy brunches, there’s only one thing we truly know about Wristi: he loves Swiss watches.

This Instagram account has become something of a bougie kaleidoscope, charting every instance in which a timepiece can be present – a stylized watch diary, if you will.

Follow: @wristi

Wristi Instagram Account

Watches By SJX, Singaporean Watch Collector

Like all areas of luxury fashion, Asia is an important and lucrative market that has its own tastes and preferences.

Watches by SJX samples such inclinations from Singapore and shows us a different side to the horological trade – expect more colour, more detail and a more delicate approach.

Follow: @watchesbysjx

Watches By SJX Instagram Account

Marlon De Simone, Watches In Rome Exec

They say Italians do it better, and Marlon de Simone certainly lives up to the mantra.

Instagramming all the good stuff (fast cars, high-end watches, speedboats and so on) de Simone’s Instagram stream is envy-inducing, and his collection of timepieces is remarkable. Rolex, Patek, IWC – he’s got them all and shares his passion as opposed to boasting.

Follow: @marlondesimone

Marlon De Simone Instagram Account

Bexsonn, Watches And Whiskey

Although the watchmaking and alcohol industries may seem unlikely bed fellows, watch and whiskey brands have been partnering up for decades – and Bexsonn celebrates these partnerships via its dedicated Instagram account.

The only downside being that you’ll definitely want a drink (and probably a Breitling) post-viewing.

Follow: @bexsonn

Bexsonn Instagram Account

Watchfred, Watch Collector

The eponymous Fred is an enigmatic fellow and we know little of his life aside of his love for watches, which suits us just fine.

There’s plenty to learn in terms of classic dress watches and the art of layering, because Watchfred has his sartorial game down to a tee.

Follow: @watchfred

Watchfred Instagram Account