Download Your Way To An Almost Instagram-Perfect Life

Some people might think relying on apps to help coordinate your life is a little slack. However, we feel there’s only so many times you can trawl through certain weekly city guides or head out with the intention of doing something cultural, just end up in the pub.

We’re still clinging on to the hope that, as it’s January, this year we’re going to diversify the way we dress, date, work out and even clean our home – even if that mantra only lasts until March.

With this optimism in full swing, we’ve curated a list of ten apps that will help you with everything from having your living room cleaned to finding the nearest place to stock up on organic sausages. Oh and don’t worry, no makeover apps are included.

1. Bizzby

If you’ve had a rager of a party the night before, or you just can’t be bothered to tidy your flat yourself, look to Bizzby.

Type in your location (London-only) and exactly what you need and this app promises to have a professional at your door within thirty minutes.

They do more than just help with cleaners too. If you want a cake, handyman or even a beautician (for that spray tan, obviously), Bizzby can help:

2. Happn

There’s no point pretending you aren’t a little bit interested in this. It’s like Tinder but slightly more stalker-esque.

You switch it on and a load of women (or men) you’ve crossed paths with will load. If you like them, you can send them a ‘charm’. Okay, so it sounds creepy but if you genuinely are looking to date, this is a good way to cut out the ‘I’m really into kayaking on bank holiday weekends’ style chats.

There’s also the fact that Parisians created it, and we’d quite like to be as smooth and sophisticated as them:

3. Smith Hotels By Mr & Mrs Smith

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to decide to go on a country retreat or whirlwind city break at the drop of a hat – and if you’re blessed with the type of income that allows you to do so, get on board with Mr & Mrs Smith.

The brand is already a hit with those looking for hotels across the world, with the promise that they’ve personally visited and anonymously reviewed every single one listed on their website.

Utilise the app to plan your next weekend getaway, or simply book that converted barn B&B in Devon you promised you’d take your ‘very special friend’ to:

4. British Street Food

I know, it’s hard to imagine what this app might be used for.

All joking aside, this is perfect if you are even the slightest bit of a foodie. The app will tell you who is trading street food near you, with other users sharing their recommendations too:

5. Dojo

If you live in London and are on first name terms with the landlord of your local pub or the bouncer of your nearest nightclub, it might be time to stray outside your post code.

Dojo will tip you off on bars, restaurants and events going on the big smoke. Cleverly, it will also link to your Facebook friends and interests to gauge where you might like to go out:

6. Uber

OK, so it might seem a bit lazy to throw a taxi app into the mix, but seriously, life seems almost impossible without Uber.

Who else will rescue you at 4am from a random house in the middle of nowhere, or how else would you make it to a meeting on time when you’re already running late?

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Uber drivers. Dear Uber, thank you:

7. Powder – Alpine Simulator

We’d be cheating you a little bit if we didn’t put a game on this list.

If you’re a keen skier and need a warm up before flocking to the slopes, this visually beautiful game will help you get back into the swing of things after a season off.

If, on the other hand, you’ve never gone skiing in your life but want a new game to play that won’t make your phone sound like it has unicorns coming out of it, this is a safe bet:

8. Body Weight Workout: You Are Your Own Gym

Fitness fans have been quick to point out that this is a good one if you’re looking to get in shape quickly.

The app claims to get you fit in just ten weeks using nothing but your body and items you can find around the house. It features a calorie tracker, BMI calculator and statistics that chart your personal progress.

It also uses clear video instructions to guide you through each exercise:

9. Cool Guy

If you own a lot of clothes, this app is definitely worth a download.

The idea is simple: take pictures of all your key pieces, and the app will store them for you like a virtual closet. You can then get the app to help you create outfits for various occasions, making sure you don’t leave any item of clothing unloved.

It’s ideal if you’re too busy to spend hours planning what to wear for a busy working week or overnight business trip:

10. Philips Grooming: Shaving & Styling

Although exclusive to Philips shaving products, this app is loaded with decent, usable men’s grooming content.

It will teach you to shave better, previews what you’d look like with a new hairstyle (or facial hair) and features grooming trend reports.

It’s also, thankfully, extremely masculine and functional, so you don’t feel as if you’ve just logged onto a beauty blog: