Whether you’re a bit short on it or can’t seem to stop it from growing, taking care of your hair is important. Keeping your tresses tamed on a daily basis helps to refine your look, ensuring you look neat, tidy and presentable at all times.

But that doesn’t mean spending hours in front of the mirror – a simple set of high quality hair products will keep your routine smooth and efficient, whether it’s just a quick slick of pomade before you leave the house or a specialist overnight treatment to keep things under control.

But with so many haircare brands on the current market, which truly deserve their spot in your bathroom cabinet? Look no further than our rundown below.

1. American Crew

This dedicated men’s haircare brand provides everything you can imagine when it comes to styling products, from pomades and gels to clays and liquid waxes.

Whatever your hair problem – be it unruly frizz or flat, limp strands – this US label has a solution. Its smart, retro-feel packaging is bathroom shelf-friendly too.

Recommended: 3-in-1 (shampoo, conditioner and body wash).

Available at americancrewshop.com.

2. Baxter of California

Another premium brand hailing from the USA is the much-coveted Baxter of California, which takes a classic barbershop approach to its products.

Its range of signature pomades comes in a variety of finishes – including matte, natural and high shine – while its tortoiseshell combs will help sculpt your signature style on a daily basis.

Recommended: Hard Water Pomade.

Available at Niven & Joshua.

3. Fudge

The orange packaging of this UK haircare brand will be instantly recognisable to most Brits, gracing the shelves of many high street shops.

While its prices may be low, its products are high on versatility, offering solutions for a wide range of hair types. Plus, if you like your styles a little more wild, Fudge offers everything you need to keep things in place all day, from super strong hairsprays to cement-like gels.

Recommended: Skyscraper Hairspray.

Available at fudge.com.

4. Kevin Murphy

Born from the same philosophy as skincare, Kevin Murphy’s haircare line uses only the best natural and organic ingredients, with every single product certified sulphate, paraben and cruelty free.

Found in high-end salons around the world, the brand offers long lasting results and solutions for a wide variety of common hair problems.

Recommended: Hair Resort.

See more and locate your nearest stockist at kevinmurphy.com.

5. Aveda

This classic haircare label is also dedicated to all things organic, widely advertising the natural qualities and environmentally friendly stance of its products.

Its men’s haircare line is not only high in quality, but scientifically proven to soothe the scalp, making it the perfect brand match for the more sensitive-skinned gent.

Recommended: Control Paste.

Available at aveda.co.uk.

6. L’Oreal Studio Line

Forget the “because we’re worth it” tagline – L’Oreal has plenty of great products for the down-to-earth guy in its dedicated hair styling range, Studio Line.

The sub-brand offers a range of easy-to-use products – including texturising sprays, gels, putties and clays – at pocket-change prices, all wrapped up in simple, stylish packaging.

Recommended: Rework Architect Wax.

Available at Boots.

7. Mr Natty

Mr Natty brings and edgy, rockabilly flair to traditional haircare products.

Founded by acclaimed British barber Matt Raine, who has trimmed the ‘dos of Noel Gallagher and the England World Cup team to name just a few, this label offers up premium styling products with a touch of modern dandy.

Hirsute gent? We highly recommend you pick up one of the brand’s specialist beard elixirs, too.

Recommended: Wax Hair Preparation.

Available at mrnatty.com.

8. Hanz de Fuko

Launched in 2009, San Francisco-born brand Hanz de Fuko has swiftly made its mark on the modern haircare industry.

Creativity and expression form the backbone of the label, with its range designed to complement the personal style of its users.

With only natural and organic ingredients making the cut, you can be sure each product is as kind as it is cool.

Recommended: Hybridized Wax.

Available at Niven & Joshua.

9. men-ü

Describing itself as “a modern brand with modern benefits”, Men-ü packs only the highest quality ingredients into its concentrated products, eliminating any waste or unnecessary additives.

As a result, users are treated to premium haircare at accessible prices, safe in the knowledge that a little bit of product goes a long way.

Recommended: men-ü Clay.

Available at Mankind.

10. Bumble & Bumble

Starting off life as a bustling New York salon in 1977, this hair brand has gained a cult following in recent years for its editorial-quality products.

Covering everything from pre-styling care to speciality products – think powdered dry shampoo and ‘invisible’ oil – there’s no hair dilemma that can’t be solved by its vast expert range.

Recommended: Surf Spray

Available at bumbleandbumble.co.uk.