Looking for a unique and individual scent to add to your collection? Tired of mass-market designer versions?

If you’re in search of a signature scent that is slightly more original, it’s time you introduced yourself to the world of boutique and niche fragrance houses.

From unisex sprays to natural aftershaves, the labels in our countdown are home to some the most exclusive and luxurious fragrances on the market.

1. Le Labo

Debuting in 2006 with a selection of ten fragrances, New York-based Le Labo takes a simple approach to naming its scents: each item is numbered to represent the varying amount of notes in its composition.

This practical, no-nonsense approach continues to packaging, with each product coming in a standard bottle with an industrial-feel white label applied to the front.

Available at Mr Porter.

2. Odin

Fellow New York label Odin first made its mark on the fragrance industry back in 2009, producing a range of scents that could be worn by both men and women.

Today, the brand continues to focus on unisex fragrances, drawing inspiration from exotic destinations across the world and wrapping them up in classy minimalist packaging.

Available at Liberty London.

3. Serge Lutens

Founded by fashion, art and design extraordinaire Serge Lutens, this French perfumery landed its big break thanks to a collaborative project with Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido.

Since going it alone in the early noughties, Serge Lutens has gained a cult following for its unique and niche products, appealing to luxury fragrance aficionados across the globe.

Available at Liberty London.

4. Amouage

This fragrance house has royalty to thank for its formation, being founded by the Sultan of Oman in 1983.

With tradition and luxury at its heart, the label still uses the same rich ingredients from around the world in its products, including garwood, incense, musk, rose and spices.

Its bottles pack a punch too, with each scent contained in beautifully embellished, shelf-worthy vessels.

Available at Selfridges.

5. Illuminum

British fragrance house Illuminum is all about self-expression and discovery, approaching its scents as “an open-ended adventure”.

Since launching in 2011, the brand has continued to expand its vast range of unisex products, offering a more fluid, playful and creative take on the traditional ideals of the fragrance industry.

Available at House of Fraser.

6. Nasomatto

If you like feeling surprised by a fragrance, you need to check out Amsterdam-based scent creator Nasomatto. The brand keeps most of its ingredients a secret, aiming to evoke feelings and memories rather than link its products directly with a certain smell.

Prepare yourself for innovative and alternative fragrances in equally unorthodox bottles.

Available at Liberty London.

7. James Heeley

Despite being founded by an Englishman, this boutique fragrance house adheres to traditional French production processes – the European country that the brand now calls home.

Each element, from the fragrance to its recyclable packaging, is created in-house and overseen by James Heeley himself, who remains the sole owner of this self-named independent label.

Available at Browns Fashion.

8. Ex Idolo

Each scent by British perfumery Ex Idolo is hand-bottled in Mayfair, London, giving this artisanal label even more of a luxurious appeal.

Its breakout fragrance ‘Thirty-Three’, released in 2013, is one of the only modern fragrances to use wild-harvested Chinese oud and rose oil, adding to a vintage base distilled back in the 1980s.

Available at The Scent City.

9. Byredo

Former basketball player Ben Gorham is the driving force behind Stockholm-based Byredo, starting up the fragrance house in 2006 after a chance meeting with perfumer Pierre Wulff.

Heavily inspired by the link between scents and memories, each of the brand’s fragrances draw on Gorham’s past experiences, be it a trip to a faraway land or childhood memories of his father.

Available at Liberty London.

10. Slumberhouse

Describing its product inventory as “fine improper perfumes”, Portland-based Slumberhouse is not one for tradition.

Inspired by street art, hip-hop and urban culture, the brand brings fragrance fans a range of unique scents for men and women, with ingredients ranging from tobacco and honey to cognac and patchouli.

Available at Roullier White.

11. Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Translating as ‘Master Perfumer and Glovemaker’, this French fragrance house is inspired by its 17th century predecessors, when scented gloves were a sweeping trend.

Since then, it has kept up both the glove and fragrance making, producing luxurious, high-end scents for classic and refined gents.

Available at Les Senteurs.

12. Penhaligon’s

Starting out life as a barbershop, this British scent maker made its first foray into fragrance back in 1872. Since then, Penhaligon’s has collected two Royal Warrants, with many of its traditional scents still best sellers today.

The brand’s simple, elegant packing adds to the old-school sense of refinement, with each scent coming in a glass bottle finished with a small ribbon bow.

Available at House of Fraser.

13. Creed

Transforming from a British tailoring brand to a French fragrance house, historic brand Creed’s history is rich and varied. It has served royalty from King George III to Queen Victoria, with Empress Eugenie of France being the reason for its relocation.

Today, it remains a family-owned business, with a sixth generation Creed father and son being the two perfumers behind its fresh scents.

Available at Harrods.

14. Roja Parfums

Guerlain alumni Roja Dove founded his own-name fragrance house in 2001 after working as the French luxury label’s chief nose for twenty years.

Using the highest quality (and most costly) ingredients, the British expert now creates luxurious and sensual scents without compromise, resulting in some of the finest fragrances in the industry.

A real indulgence for the high-end fragrance fan.

Available at Harrods.

15. Frederic Malle

This Parisian fragrance house hit the market in 2000, with its namesake learning his craft at famed perfume lab Roure Bertrand Dupont.

Prioritising substance over style – bucking the trend for heavily marketed designer scents at the time – Malle gathered the best perfumers from around the world to produce original fragrances without limits; an approach the label has since stuck to, turning its creations into cult products.

Available at Liberty London.