5 Common Men’s Spring/Summer Style Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

Even in the height of summer, it’s hard to defend a man who forgets the principles of dressing well or turns his back on his signature look just for the sake of comfort or succumbing to seasonal trends.

We urge you to get your wardrobe locked down and rail against these common sartorial mistakes, allowing you to navigate the warmer months in style.

1. Vests & Over-Exposure

Common Spring/Summer Men's Fashion Mistakes - Vest and Over-Exposed Flesh

The Problem

Forgetting to check if you’re Ryan Gosling before leaving the house in a vest.

The Solution

Summer can be a cruel mistress, particularly for those of us who forgot to spend autumn, winter and spring in the gym. That’s not to say flesh-flashing fashions are the preserve of rock-bodied gym-goers, but it does mean being honest with yourself and eschewing unflattering items of clothing, such as vests, if you haven’t quite got the physique to pull one off.

Instead of breezing around town in something strappy – which, let’s face it, is hardly a sophisticated look for even the most ripped guys – make the most of your shape by flattering the hell out of it in quality fitted tees (try Uniqlo and American Apparel on the high street or specialists like James Perse and Sunspel if your budget will stretch) and this season’s shirt du jour: the short-sleeved Cuban collar.

If you absolutely cannot resist pulling on a wife beater, consider wearing it as the base layer of your outfit and throwing a short-sleeved printed shirt over the top – this allows you to add and strip off layers depending on occasion and appropriateness.

Finally, and most importantly, nobody should ever be subjected to seeing your nipples hanging out the side of your deep racer back vest – you’re not auditioning for Geordie Shore.

Men's Quality Fitted T-Shirts and Cuban Collar Shirts Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

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Key Pieces

  • Gap Essential Pocket T-shirtGap Essential Pocket T-shirt
  • Reiss Short Sleeve Waffle Shirt With Cuban Collar In Slim FitReiss Short Sleeve Waffle Shirt With Cuban Collar In Slim Fit
  • American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-shirtAmerican Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • Uniqlo Men Packaged Dry V Neck Short Sleeve T-shirtUniqlo Men Packaged Dry V Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • John Lewis Organic Cotton T-shirtJohn Lewis Organic Cotton T-shirt
  • M&s Collection Online Only Pure Cotton Slim Fit Stay Soft T-shirt With StaynewM&s Collection Online Only Pure Cotton Slim Fit Stay Soft T-shirt With Staynew
  • James Perse V-neck Cotton-jersey T-shirtJames Perse V-neck Cotton-jersey T-shirt
  • Folk Box-stitched Cotton ShirtFolk Box-stitched Cotton Shirt
  • Reiss Beluga Checked Cuban Collar Shirt WhiteReiss Beluga Checked Cuban Collar Shirt White

2. The Skin You Do Show Isn’t Protected

Common Spring/Summer Men's Fashion Mistakes - Burn skin

The Problem

Blame parents who smothered you in Piz Buin, but men tend to swerve the sunscreen until their skin’s already blistered. But you don’t need to burn to do damage.

Even when it’s heating your skin, UV rays can damage it, causing discolouration, premature ageing and more concerning things like cancer.

The Solution

You don’t need to cover your whole body in sunblock, but a moisturiser with built-in SPF, like Lab Series Daily Moisture Defence Lotion, outflanks your skin’s biggest enemy.

It’s also worth adding a pair of sunglasses to your arsenal – low-lying sun gets in your eyes, which can cause cataracts down the line. Look for a pair with 100 per cent UV protection, like Carhatt’s new collab with RETROSUPERFUTURE. They mean you look good now, and can look better later.

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Men's SPF Moisturisers and 100% UV Sunglasses

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3. Skipping The Jacket

Common Spring/Summer Men's Fashion Mistakes - Forgetting Your Jacket

The Problem

Relying on a beer jacket to keep you warm in the evenings.

The Solution

Short of jacking in your job and moving to the Med, there are few sure-fire ways of staying both dry and stylish in the summer. This is Britain, after all – a country where even the sunniest, warmest days can be followed up by seriously chilly evenings.

So yes, you do need a jacket, even if you leave the house in balmy 20+ degree temperatures. We’d opt for something versatile and breathable, such as a thin cotton bomber.

Its clean, athletic shape makes it the ideal top layer for summer, and you’ll find plenty of handsome styles in seasonally-appropriate shades of white, cream, stone and pale grey on the market this season:

Men's Lightweight Bomber Jackets - Spring/Summer Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

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Key Pieces

  • Scotch & Soda Bomber Jacket In Garment Dye CottonScotch & Soda Bomber Jacket In Garment Dye Cotton
  • Asos Bomber JacketAsos Bomber Jacket
  • He By Mango Cotton JacketHe By Mango Cotton Jacket
  • River Island Ecru Holloway Road Linen-blend Bomber JacketRiver Island Ecru Holloway Road Linen-blend Bomber Jacket
  • Burton Stone Bomber JacketBurton Stone Bomber Jacket
  • Autograph Pure Cotton Bomber Jacket With StormwearAutograph Pure Cotton Bomber Jacket With Stormwear

4. Turning Your Back On Black

Common Spring/Summer Men's Fashion Mistakes - Wearing Too Many Bright and Bold Colours

The Problem

Forgetting that your signature colour is black.

The Solution

Sure, it’s too hot to find the cool side of your pillow, but that’s no reason to turn your back on black. Although you may traditionally associate the hue with your winter wardrobe, black is a chic and understated colour that can work just as well in the sunshine, too.

The key is to opt for pieces made from lightweight materials and in looser fits if you want to make black part of your spring/summer palette. Try ASOS and Zara for breezy longline and oversized T-shirts, or the likes of Uniqlo and Mango for breathable linen-blend versions.

Team with grey shorts or black chinos/jeans for a chic monochromatic take on warm-weather wear:

Men's Black and Monochrome Spring/Summer Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

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Key Pieces

  • He By Mango Cotton Polo ShirtHe By Mango Cotton Polo Shirt
  • Topman Black Slim Longline Fit T-shirtTopman Black Slim Longline Fit T-shirt
  • Topman Black Longer Length Chino ShortsTopman Black Longer Length Chino Shorts
  • Allsaints Faxter Crew T-shirtAllsaints Faxter Crew T-shirt
  • Asos Jersey ShortsAsos Jersey Shorts
  • Selected Longline T-shirt With Side ZipsSelected Longline T-shirt With Side Zips
  • He By Mango Slim-fit Black Jan JeansHe By Mango Slim-fit Black Jan Jeans
  • Zara Short Sleeve T-shirtZara Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • Next Short Sleeve Linen ShirtNext Short Sleeve Linen Shirt

5. Flip-Flops In The City

Common Spring/Summer Men's Fashion Mistakes - Flip-Flops When Not at The BEach

The Problem

Mistaking the city for the seaside.

The Solution

Flip-flops are fine on the beach or at the pool. But when it comes to summer footwear for the city, there’s no place for flimsy thongs.

This year, the humble sandal is back on the fashion agenda, boasting all of the cooling, barely-there benefits of flip-flops, while also being much more robust, comfortable and refined.

Extremely versatile, opt for a pair of on-trend Birkenstocks or slingbacks in white, black or brown leather, which will look just as good teamed with slim-cut chinos and a linen shirt as they do a simple shorts and T-shirt combination.

Not a fan of exposing your feet? Try a pair of mesh or woven slip-ons. Lightweight and breathable, they will transition effortlessly from the beach to the city and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion:

Men's Leather Sandals Spring/Summer Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

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Key Pieces

  • Topman Black Leather Weave LoafersTopman Black Leather Weave Loafers
  • Zara Cutwork EspadrillesZara Cutwork Espadrilles
  • H By Hudson Ipanema Woven Loafers In TanH By Hudson Ipanema Woven Loafers In Tan
  • Selected Homme Courtney Sliders In BrownSelected Homme Courtney Sliders In Brown
  • Jerusalem Sandals Golan SandalsJerusalem Sandals Golan Sandals
  • Asos Sandals In LeatherAsos Sandals In Leather

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