Leather Wear

Long ago you may have associated him with lounging around in his underwear for Calvin Klein, but model turned actor Jamie Dornan hasn’t necessarily retired his bare-all attitude.

Now he’s taking the lead in the forthcoming adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, making a style icon out of the character Mr Grey: a whip-clutching billionaire who spices up the Home Depot dwelling life of Anastasia Steele.

And as speculation about exactly how X-rated the movie will be finally comes to an end as it hits screens worldwide today, we focus on another aspect of the film that will help sear itself into the audience’s mind – the clothes.

Yes, when Mr Grey is not ab-flexing or romping with Steele in his four poster bed, he tends to be kitted out in leather jackets. And we have a feeling this smooth, entrepreneurial look might catch on.

With that in mind, we’ve scanned the stores for five of the best leather biker jackets currently available. After all, while we might not want to recreate Grey’s antics in the bedroom, we don’t mind taking a style tip or two from him.

1. The Classic Biker

The classic leather biker jacket is a safe bet – it looks good on just about everyone.

An iconic and versatile silhouette, it can be made to look edgy with a pair of skinny jeans, or timeless and smart with a simple white button-down.

The traditional biker detailing – exposed zips/buttons, asymmetric zip fastening – on this version adds extra toughness.

Topman Black Leather Biker Jacket, available at topman.com, priced £160.

2. The Textured Collar

The makers of the original biker jacket – the Perfecto, back in 1928 – Schott NYC has an unrivalled heritage when it comes to leather outerwear.

Worn by some of the coolest individuals to grace the planet, including The Ramones and Marlon Brando, the brand’s designs have cemented themselves in popular culture over generations.

This aviator silhouette comes complete with a shearling collar – a trend we’ll be seeing everywhere come AW15 – as well as ribbed cuffs and hem for a snug fit.

Schott Leather Jacket with Faux Fur Collar, available at asos.com, priced £230.

3. The Rockabilly Biker

Paired with a white tee and jeans, this upmarket biker will have you looking like Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby before you know it.

With a gorgeous orange lining and chunky silver hardware, it’s got all the hallmarks of a great leather jacket. Never underestimate the inside of a coat – how will it look thrown over your shoulder? It’s these kinds of questions you have to ask before clicking ‘add to basket’.

Textured and grained leather can often hit the wallet hard, but it always looks quality and will only get better with age.

McQ Alexander McQueen Leather Biker Jacket, available at mrporter.com, priced £895.

4. The Luxury Hoodie

Not for the faint hearted or cash tight, this Givenchy hooded leather bleeds urban cool.

Gritty, edgy and fashion-forward, it incorporates a wealth of luxury detailing: ribbed shoulders, silver hardware, neoprene sleeves/hood, asymmetric zip and front pouch pockets.

This one really is an all-rounder: dress it down with some hi-tops and luxe sweatpants to channel your inner Kanye, or juxtapose it with a sharp textured polo and tailored trousers for that extra contrast.

Givenchy Hooded Leather Jacket, available at mrporter.com, priced £1,765.

5. The Minimal Biker

This leather number has a clean and minimal appearance, which allows it to be dressed up or down effortlessly. Try wearing it with slim jeans and a check shirt at the weekend, or an Oxford shirt, knitted tie and chinos combination for casual Friday in the office.

If you’re feeling a bit Morpheus from The Matrix, do it up all the way and start spouting commands, arms crossed behind your back. People will sit up and listen.

Ted Baker Visery Leather Jacket, available at tedbaker.com, priced £369.