2014 was a big year for trends. Not necessarily all-encompassing, full look, ‘change your entire wardrobe’ trends, but more the kind of individual ‘staple item’ trends that all and sundry buy into.

We’re talking an abundance of brightly patterned socks, a wealth of slip-on trainers, or wearing an ironic slogan on pretty much everything from your sweatshirt to your pants.

But, as is the nature of a trend, these things come and (luckily) these things go. We’re not saying they were always bad, or even that we really dislike them now, just that its time for a bit of a change.

So, as we head full on into 2015, here is a list of what we feel needs a wardrobe refresh and the quick fix that is going to get you there.

1. Drop Crotch Jogging Bottoms

These have been doing the rounds for some time, although during the summer of 2014 it really did feel like we’d hit ‘peak drop crotch’. What started life as an interesting re-evaluation of men’s fashion codes and conventions from forward-thinking designer Rick Owens, rapidly emerged in every high street store. And subsequently on a vast number of the male population under thirty.

Unfortunately, an equally vast number of factors go into pulling off a drop crotch look successfully – and unless you tick a fair few of them, the end result is simply a grown man that appears to be wearing a nappy.

Drop Crotch Jogging Bottoms

The Solution

Classic slim-cut jogging bottoms in wool, cashmere and double-faced jersey are very on-trend and add a luxury and grown-up feel. Opt for tailored versions and wear with a varsity or bomber jacket for a sophisticated downtime look.

We recommend: Orlebar Brown Trackpants, £145 at Matches.

ORLEBAR BROWN Beagi cotton track pants (1001093)

2. Bucket Hats

The 2014 nineties revival brought a number of the coolest bits and pieces from the era back from the dead. And, overall, we were pleased about it: varsity jackets, oversized t-shirts, tie-dye and, specifically, bucket hats were just some of the key pieces that experienced a surge in popularity.

We loved them all in their day, but we, and some of you, are a good few years older now. Bucket hats have a way of making you look like a cheeky kid from the North no matter what. That doesn’t work when you’re 30+ with a wife and kids.

Bucket Hat

The Solution

Classic wide-brimmed hats will make their mark in 2015, with a number of more gentlemanly styles already vying for the most popular option. Much more appropriate for a man of any age.

We recommend: AMI Wool-Felt Fedora, £130 at Mr Porter.


3. Espadrilles In Winter

OK, espadrilles are a great footwear option. They are comfortable, simple and classic, you can wear them with trousers or shorts, and they add a sophisticated touch to any summer outfit.

They look great on a beach and just as great as you stroll through Barcelona’s beautiful La Boqueria food market. However, they do not look good down your local pub in cold and dreary January.


The Solution

Opt for a simple white leather trainer – Vans, Common Projects and Erik Schedin are all great brands to consider. Wear them with trousers or jeans for a refined but laid-back look that can withstand the English weather.

We recommend: Erik Schedin Trainers, £166 at Erik Schedin.

White Leather Sneaker

4. Statement/Logo Sweatshirts

Whether proclaiming undying love for a brand and tying the wearer into its cult or divulging their innermost anxieties, statement sweatshirts were very ‘2014’.

Boxy-cut to slim and tailored, boldly coloured to pared-back, there was absolutely no getting away from them. But what was once a humorous way of adding an individual touch to a look soon became an everyday occurrence that ultimately got a bit tiresome. We know you have a personality, thanks.

Men's Statement/Logo Sweatshirts

The Solution

2015 is already shaping up to be the year of minimal style and timeless dressing. Sweatshirts are a wardrobe staple that can be worn over a shirt for a smarter feel or dressed down with jeans at the weekend.

Steer clear of oversized shapes and choose plain versions in grey marl, navy blue, deep army green or maroon.

We recommend: A.P.C. Sweatshirt, £192 at A.P.C.

apc Central Park sweatshirt

5. High Cropped Chinos

Normally you can’t argue with the style of current menswear leaders David Beckham, David Gandy or Jack Guinness. And sure, if anyone has, they’ve managed to successfully make a pair of trousers that swing well above the ankle look anything less than daft.

But 2015, as mentioned earlier, is the year of a simpler, more elegant sort of style. Which means we can all start wearing normal length trousers again. Phew.


The Solution

The beauty of normal trousers is they can be rolled up. So come those sweltering summer days, simply cuff your chinos into something more Riviera-appropriate and you’re good to go. And when it pours with rain an hour later, down they come. Simple.

We recommend: Anything from Zara’s huge selection, from £28 at Zara.

Jacquard loom trousers

Get Involved

What items would you banish to Room 101 from 2014? And what pieces will you be taking with you into this year?

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