Michael C. Lewin

Previously at music and fashion magazine Notion, Michael C. Lewin is the Editor of video channel Transmitter, overseeing the content’s direction, look and feel.

Alongside the daily running of a website, Michael’s role also includes making sure the many, many video productions that feature on the site are on point visually and stylistically.

With an insider understanding of how to dress music’s rising stars, and himself (Michael’s personal style is seriously defined), we thought he would make an ideal candidate for our ‘5 Questions For’ series.

Five Questions For Michael C. Lewin

FashionBeans: What was your last fashion purchase?
Michael C. Lewin: An A.P.C. flecked sweatshirt.

Why did you by it and where from?
Liberty of London. I’m budgeting to buy one nice wardrobe piece a month from there, which means I’m overcome by the options every time I go, but something about it just wouldn’t leave my head.

I’m trying to build a new wardrobe strategically, but I’m ultimately impulsive which makes that difficult. I buy more jumpers and sweaters than anything else.

What’s your next purchase?
Definitely not a jumper or sweater. So probably a jumper or sweater.

What’s your current daily essential piece?
Roll neck jumpers. Perfect for winter, they reference classic style, are great for layering and they let me play up my pretentious side by channelling my inner Jean-Paul Sartre.

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What’s your dream purchase?
It would likely be the perfect coat, but perfection is obviously a dragon for chasing, which means that what the perfect coat actually is to me, changes daily.

So let’s just say that my dream purchase would be as many cats as was physically possible to own.

We Recommend: Joseph is a great go-to for on-trend and stylishly suave outerwear.