Mad Men’s Farewell

We’re almost a month away from the final series of Mad Men hitting our screens.

Truth be told, we’re beside ourselves as we gear up to wave goodbye to one of the most stylishly written and decorated TV shows ever. The wardrobe department alone should be going home with a handful of Emmy awards.

It’s rare that a TV show makes a lasting impression for style-related reasons. Yet Mad Men has genuinely influenced the way contemporary men now dress for work/formal occasions (pocket squares, anyone?), and has even spurred on tailoring sales.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, you can’t deny its effect on the menswear industry. It reminded us how important it is to look and feel smart.

Don Draper: Menswear Icon

We also got Don Draper out of it. Actor Jon Hamm perfected the role of a slick but short-tempered advertising exec with such expertise that Draper is now considered one of the most iconic television characters of all time.

With this in mind, we’ve charted the reasons why Don will continue to live on as a style hero long after season seven’s finale.

1. He Knows How To Maintain A Haircut

Seriously, talk about consistent. We don’t think a hair has moved out of place on that man’s head since the show first aired in 2007.

To be honest, it’s not often a hair icon graces our screens, so we’ll take Don Draper and his slick, perfectly side-parted hair and keep trying to recreate it every time we need to look sharp and sophisticated.

2. He Knows How To Dress For Summer

A man who can dress for all seasons is an icon in our books. On vacations, Draper always looks as comfortable in a Hawaiian shirt as he does a perfectly tailored suit.

Plus, he has worn some pretty enviable warm-weather blazers, too.

3. He Drinks Scotch At Work

We aren’t encouraging the consumption of alcohol during your nine-to-five, but hey, we can dream.

Draper’s free pouring in his office is what gave him that rebellious, masculine and, ultimately, flawed edge that was part of his original charm.

Remember, don’t try this at work. Unless you really are the big boss at an advertising firm.

4. He Can Match A Shirt & Tie

The man’s shirt and tie combinations are killer. Seriously.

Even if some of the colours in his retro get-ups are slightly dull compared to today’s bold hues and prints, he still knows how to pattern mix and coordinate colours. Which is exactly why you see so many guides to dressing like him these days.

5. He Looks Good In A Hat

In our books, the man is single-handedly responsible for the return of structured hats within menswear. Bringing a touch of gentlemanly polish to his professional attire, Draper not only looks great in his smart wool fedoras, but he’s also taught us the importance of hat etiquette, tipping it to ladies and taking it off indoors.

However, before you rush out and try to recreate the look, remember that it’s important you bear in mind your own head shape and face type. Not all men were born to rock a hat like our anti-hero.