5 Stylish Reads

It’s completely reasonable to spend your daily commute catching up on all the latest style news and advice available on FashionBeans.

However, on the off chance that you already devour everything we produce and are in desperate need of more fashion, lifestyle and entertainment content, below is a list of our top new reads to check out this month.

From digital editions to carefully curated email bulletins, take a look and read yourself stylish.

1. Oki-ni Read!

There are countless reasons to be grateful for the digital revolution, but the resulting decline of established print titles means that every time we hear of a new magazine being published, a wave of excitement and anticipation washes over us.

Earlier this month, boutique retailer Oki-ni launched its new quarterly publication, READ! – and it doesn’t disappoint. Straddling the gap between a men’s glossy and an arty home-made magazine, READ! is distributed with every order and arms its readers with inspirational content, filtered through a lo-fi lens.

Available for free with every Oki-ni purchase.

2. Esquire Weekly Briefing

Stuffed with exclusive, handsomely packaged content, the Esquire Weekly app made a superb addition to our smartphones and tablets.

Unfortunately, it bit the dust at the end of 2014, after a 16-month run. However, it has since been replaced by the Esquire Weekly Briefing: an email bulletin that parcels up the best of the brand’s web and magazine content and delivers it straight into your inbox each Thursday.

It won’t change your life, but it’s a great way to kill time on the commute and brush up on your film, food and fashion knowledge while you’re at it.

Subscribe for free here.

3. Menswear Dog Presents: The New Classics

Meet Bodhi, the Shiba Inu behind sensational canine style blog Menswear Dog.

In little over two years, he has become one of Tumblr’s biggest stars and collaborated with everyone from ASOS to American Apparel. Now, proving that his paw is pressed firmly against the sartorial pulse, Bodhi is set to release a menswear book.

The New Classics highlights the essential items every man needs in his wardrobe, and shows readers how to mix and match them all year long. For anyone who feels uncomfortable taking tips from a pooch, that’s fair enough, but there is plenty of actionable style advice to take away here.

Besides, it’s worth pre-ordering for the pictures alone.

Out April 25 2015, priced £11.99 at Amazon.

4. Wired Awake

Wired magazine’s new daily newsletter, Wired Awake, brings you up to speed with the ten most interesting and unusual news articles from around the internet.

Overnight, the mag’s acclaimed editors will scour the web for juicy, need to know stories and cobble together a handy, bite-sized newsletter out of them, delivering it direct to your inbox every weekday morning.

Not only does this make great time-killing material, it means you’ll get off the train each morning feeling twice as informed as when you got on.

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5. Flipboard

Slick content aggregator Flipboard has been a go-to for tech-savvy individuals for a while now. The ingenious smartphone app allows users to collate content from their social media accounts and favourite websites, and then presents it in an easy to read magazine format.

This month sees the launch of a web version, meaning it’s now easier then ever for you to curate your own Flipboard experience. Many of the features available on mobile are also available in the web version, including Cover Stories, which hand-picks and presents a collection of the top articles from the various sources a user follows.

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