5 Artists To Keep Your Eyes On For Style & Tracks

When it comes to music, this year we have a lot to look forward to: new James Blake, Rihanna, Kanye – but those mainstream releases are surely already earmarked. Peeking their heads out from the underground are the cheerleaders of a new sound, from the interstellar electro of Thief to the chaise lounge armchair bangers of Tom Aspaul.

Why settle for the predictable bass drop of manufactured pop when these musicians and bands are set to blow up in 2015? Making their mark on both style and music, we showcase five artists you should be taking notice of this year…

1. Tom Aspaul

Comfy in just a mesh tee and armed with a voice of vanilla, the Wolverhampton native has already accomplished something of a milestone: a cover of his song Indiana sung by none other than Kylie Minogue.

“It feels/It feeeeels soooo good” he croons in the single’s chorus, perhaps a premonitory peek into the aftermath of his assured success. Tom’s quiet confidence lands him among the ranks of other ‘turn them up loud in the shower’ R&B artists like Sampha and Sam Smith.

Tom Aspaul: Indiana

2. Until The Ribbon Breaks

Band members Peter Lawrie Winfield, Elliot Wall and James Gordon are already behind the coolest release of this year – the recently dropped album and their self-proclaimed “baby”, A Lesson Unlearnt.

The Welsh trio has already checked off collaborations with Lorde and Run The Jewels, so there is no questioning their validity and chart climbing potential.

Until The Ribbon Breaks Playlist

3. Prince Innocence

More like ‘prints’ innocence, when it comes to the male member of this boyfriend-girlfriend duo. The Toronto-based power couple loves to cosy up to a stripe.

Dress sense aside, their unique synergy runs through their languid, dreamscape tunes. Perhaps their chemistry stems from their days of ploughing through the same halls of high school, where they initially met.

Their second self-produced album, Easy Life, is due out in February.

Prince Innocence Playlist

4. Thief (AKA PJ Wolf)

Thief’s single Closer has already clocked in at two million plays on Spotify, and it shows no sign of slipping off anyone’s TGIF playlist.

Real name PJ Wolf, his astral synths and layer cake vocals buoy his tracks up to stratospheric heights, making this shoulder bouncing singer from down under simply irresistible.

He frequently cools off with a glass of milk and a buttoned-up collar. You may need a glass yourself after listening to his steel drum and trombone heavy cover of JT’s cheater anthem Cry Me A River.

Thief Playlist

5. Erik Hassle

Swedish singer Erik Hassle is firing on all cylinders after bagging a co-writing credit on the collab of the century: Shakira & Rihanna’s Can’t Remember to Forget You. So, indirectly, you have Hassle to thank for RiRi and ShaSha writhing around together on top of the sheets.

Where his sound differs, though, is in the soul-tinged introspection on tracks like Innocence Lost (featuring Tinashe) and Pathetic, which was remixed six ways from Sunday by the likes of Chrome Sparks and Vince Staples.

With his signature ginger Jheri curl and penchant for leather, expect to see a lot more of Hassle this year.

Erik Hassle Playlist