Nothing beats the thrill of burning through your hard-earned cash with nothing to show for it but a summer of hazy festival and holiday memories.

But don’t let the fact that there’s nothing left in the coffers for new clothes get you down because, below, we’re set to break down five instant, inexpensive and – in most cases – free ways to switch up your go-to looks.

1. Button Up

Crawling the coasts of the Med this summer? Then you might get away with unbuttoning your shirt to navel-dipping levels – if you’re looking to channel maximum sun-kissed lothario vibes, that is.

But back on home turf, the whole Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast look won’t cut it. Instead, it’s all about the ‘air tie’, which might sound fancy, but is actually just the name for buttoning your shirt up to the top and not wearing a tie at all (for both formal and casual occasions).

A fully buttoned-up white dress shirt creates a super-clean, on-trend minimalist aesthetic, and looks especially crisp under a well-tailored suit jacket. Or, if you’re heading on a night out, try this styling tweak on your casual shirts – it’s a fuss-free way to breathe new life into your ensemble.

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2. Go Sockless

We’ve already written passionate words on the art of socklessness, but the thing we love most about ditching our socks is that it can alter the entire feel of an outfit with little to no effort.

Whether you’re wearing a pair of slim-fit jeans and smart trainers for a night out, or tailored trousers and suede Derbies for a wedding, deploying a hefty turn-up and leaving a two inch gap between the top of your shoes and the bottom of your trews will bring a relaxed sense of sophistication to any ensemble.

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3. The Longline Switch

Nowadays, when it comes to T-shirt length, more really does mean more.

We’re taking about the growing appetite for all things longline, of course – and we’re throwing our full weight behind straight swaps between your regular crew neck T-shirt and one in a longer fit this season.

Not only is this a straightforward like-for-like substitute that will bring a contemporary and directional feel to your jeans and tee combos, but it also does positive things to your proportions, with the dropped hem helping creating a leaner, more streamlined silhouette.

Throw a cropped denim or bomber jacket over the top when temperatures drop to show how you’ve got that whole reverse layering thing nailed.

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4. Roll Your Sleeves

Just because it’s summer, there’s no need to neglect the arsenal of long-sleeved shirts assembled in your wardrobe.

Utilise them for warmer weather by creating your own makeshift short-sleeved version, using little more than the power of the roll – and absolutely, definitely no scissors.

Simply unfasten all of the buttons on your sleeves and roll the fabric upwards until it comes to somewhere between elbow height and half way up your bicep.

Granted, this tweak won’t change your life, but it will help you look and feel cooler, while saving cash on short-sleeved shirts that have no place in your closet post-September.

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5. Tuck In Your Tops

We don’t want to club you around the head with something so basic. But you might have noticed the growing number of men who have started tucking their tees and polo shirts into their trousers and, frankly, how remarkably on-point it looks.

Unfortunately, this is a styling tweak reserved for guys with a lean or athletic physique, as it can draw attention to any extra pounds you’re carrying around your mid section.

If you want to give it a go, simply tuck a well-fitting plain polo or tee (there should be no excess or billowing fabric) into a pair of chinos or tailored shorts et voilà: an instantly smarter, Ivy League-inspired outfit.

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