Remember, remember, the 20th of November. That’s when the year’s most anticipated LP drops (unless Kanye pulls his finger out) with everyone’s favourite bellow-lunged balladeer, Adele, unveiling her hugely anticipated third album, 25.

But that’s not the only record set to go off with a bang. This month features a Catherine wheel of pop bangers from Ellie Goulding and Jamie Woon, precocious outsiders Grimes and Le1f, and powerhouse producer Arca. Handle with care.

Ellie Goulding – Delirium

With producer Max Martin in tow, pop’s sweet-voiced cherry bomb returns with an album so polished it gleams.

Single ‘On My Mind’ (reportedly about Goulding’s ex amour, Ed Sheeran) is a bona fide no. 1 contender, but it’s the less direct cuts, like the synth-drenched ‘Around U’, that really sparkle.

Available 6 November, via iTunes, priced £9.99.

Jamie Woon – Making Time

It’s been a long four years since Jamie Woon’s not entirely Prince-unlike debut Mirrorwriting, which showcased the Londoner’s gossamer falsetto winding through after-party R&B.

Making Time doesn’t try to fix what ain’t broke; 10 tracks of neo-soul-inspired, meticulously crafted pop, with that vocal soaring above a wall of synths. Check out ‘Sharpness’ for the soundtrack to your next greet-the-sunrise party.

Available 6 November, via iTunes, priced £8.99.

Grimes – Art Angels

Multi-instrumentalist, polymath and perennial outsider Grimes return with her fourth full-length, an electronica-driven pop masterpiece. If 2012’s 1980s-tinged ‘Oblivion’ didn’t quite ignite her breakthrough, ‘Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream’ surely will.

The record also features a spine-tingling collaboration with Janelle Monae. The electric ladies join forces.

Available 6 November, via iTunes, priced £7.99.

Le1f – Riot Boi

Le1f’s full-length debut has been gestating for a while. The New York producer, rapper and Camp & Street label chief set out his stall with 2012 banger ‘Wut’, but it’s taken him three years to finish Riot Boi.

Going by the video for ‘Koi’, expect more futuristic trap beats, high camp and a boundary-breaking approach to gender and sexuality. The rest of the game, take note.

Available 13 November, via iTunes, priced £7.99.

Arca – Mutant

Bjork collaborator Arca is back with the follow-up to his acclaimed 2014 debut, Xen, and singles ‘Washed Clean’, ‘Vanity’ and ‘Soichiro’ have already got us giddy. Think distorted organs, lean-inspired hip-hop beats and heart-shuddering bass.

One for your Friday night warm-up.

Available 20 November, via iTunes, priced £8.99.

Adele – 25

With 10 Grammys to her name and two no. 1 albums, Adele is one of Britain’s biggest pop exports – and set to repeat the same success with her third LP.

First single ‘Hello’, a masterclass in honey-dripped heartbreak pop, has already rocketed to the top of the US download charts and racked up a whopping 200 million YouTube views in less than two weeks. Welcome the soundtrack to your next six months.

Available 20 November, via iTunes, priced £9.99.