We Brits are used to a bit of adverse weather – rainfall and thunderstorms have all been part of the Great British Summer this year – so it’s no surprise that the UK is home to some of the best outerwear brands in the world.

From technical materials to utilitarian features, our homegrown labels have everything covered when it comes to wrapping up and keeping dry year-round, turning out functional and stylish jackets that are designed to cope with anything Mother Nature throws at them.

Here are ten outerwear specialists you should be considering for autumn, along with the silhouettes they specialise in.


Speciality: Duffle coats

Credited with introducing the duffle coat to the civilian market, British label Gloverall has produced practical and stylish outerwear for men across the world since the early 1950s.

To this day, the brand still crafts its signature style on home turf, releasing heritage-inspired collections that revolve around its hero product.

Available at gloverall.com.


Original Gloverall Duffle, available at Gloverall, priced £275.


Speciality: Overcoats

British brand Crombie produces such high quality coats that their name has basically become a synonym for ‘overcoat’ in the UK.

With a strong 200-year heritage to uphold, the label sources only the finest materials from English, Scottish and Italian mills, producing timeless and luxurious outerwear that is built to last.

Available at crombie.co.uk.


Crombie Camel Short Retro Coat, available at Crombie, priced £995.


Speciality: Harrringtons

The creator of the original Harrington jacket silhouette, Baracuta’s G9 model has cemented itself as a menswear icon since its launch back in 1937.

With all styles still crafted in the UK and featuring heritage detailing such as its signature Fraser tartan lining, there’s no mistaking the craftsmanship and individuality of this label’s pieces.

Available at baracuta.com.


G4 Original Baracuta Jacket, available at Baracuta, priced £279.

Parka London

Speciality: Parkas

Relatively new to the outerwear scene, 2013-born Parka London puts the classic parka jacket on a pedestal, reworking it in contemporary cuts and colourways to bring it bang up to date for the modern gent.

With a dedication to producing timeless and effortlessly stylish outerwear, the label offers a range of sleek silhouettes designed to cope with any weather conditions, all in-keeping with its minimal, laid-back design ethos.

Available at parkalondon.com.


Jenson Men’s Green Wool Parka, available at Parka London, priced £345.


Speciality: Trench coats and macs

Hailed as the creator of waterproof wool, and with a legitimate claim to the invention of the original trench coat, Aquascutum first began producing jackets to protect war soldiers, before taking its designs mainstream.

With fine craftsmanship and technical innovation the driving forces behind the brand, its classic trench coats and raincoats are still one of the best wardrobe investments you can make.

Available at aquascutum.com.


Blackhazel Single-Breasted Trench, available at Aquascutum, priced £1,250.


Speciality: Raincoats

Specialising in a specific outerwear style – can you guess which one? – British label Mackintosh (abbreviated as ‘mac’) often sees its brand name used as a blanket term for all types of raincoat.

The company began life in the early 1800s, when its founder, Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh, created a raincoat utilising a rubberised fabric, which was completely waterproof.

Fast forward a few centuries and the label’s outerwear retains the sophisticated feel of its founding model, while offering full protection against inclement weather.

Available at End Clothing.


Mackintosh GM-001F Jacket, available at End Clothing, priced £499.


Speciality: Ponchos

Famed for its Wellington boots, Hunter has developed into a fully-fledged outdoors brand with bold outerwear at its forefront.

To match the quality of its rubberised footwear, the label – now under the creative direction of Alasdhair Willis – offers everything from waxed hunting coats to vinyl windbreakers, perfect for exploring the great British countryside or urban streets alike.

Available at hunterboots.com.


Original Rubberised Jersey Poncho, available at Hunter, priced £290.


Speciality: Waxed and quilted jackets

Worn by everyone from royalty to country dwellers, Barbour’s quintessentially British appeal and focus on practicality has cemented it as one of the UK’s most-loved (and worn) outerwear brands.

Its classic waxed jackets and quilted coats have become modern icons, thanks to their blend of technical expertise and raw masculine appeal.

Available at barbour.com.


Barbour Classic Beaufort Jacket, available at END Clothing priced £239.


Speciality: Trench coats

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you’ve probably heard of Burberry.

Founder Thomas Burberry, the inventor of gabardine fabric, is widely considered to have produced the original trench coat, which is now considered one of the most iconic pieces of menswear (and womenswear) ever created.

The label’s current designs haven’t strayed far from the original and still form the core of the label’s seasonal runway collections, such is their commercial popularity worldwide.

Available at burberry.com.


Burberry London Mid-Length Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat, available at Mr Porter, priced £1,195.

Private White VC

Speciality: Flight jackets

Named after military hero Private Jack White V.C., who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his exploits during World War I, this menswear label sticks to its utilitarian guns when it comes to outerwear.

With a distinct sense of pride about its heritage, the brand continues to produce its collections in the UK, sourcing materials from local mills to craft its hard-wearing outerwear classics.

Available at privatewhitevc.com.


G1 Harris Tweed Button Down Flight Jacket In Navy, available at Private White VC, priced £450.