Winter’s hardly known for its hospitable nature. Sub-zero temperatures, heavy downpours and gale-force winds demand a function-first approach to footwear. Which means your style often has to take a hit.

Or does it? Spurred on by the dearth of practical yet aesthetically-pleasing footwear, Converse has challenged the popular conception that winter-ready sneaks have to look wince-inducingly unfortunate, too.

The result is the all-new Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakerboots collection, a four-way pack of fresh part-sneaker, part-boot takes on classic Chucks, each purpose-built for battling the elements. There’s the Tekoa, Converse’s spin on an all-weather lace-up; and the Street Hiker, designed to help you tread urban terrain in style.

From padded uppers to grippy outsoles, there’s a whole array of new features on offer here, so, to put them to the test, we took our favourite styles to the wilds of East London to see just how well they stood up.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Tekoa

Converse recently created the Tekoa, a sneaker-all-weather-boot hybrid. Taking its name from a 342m-high New England mountain, this style promises to combine all of a classic pair of Chucks’ timeless style with the no-fail durability of a weatherised boot.

The Wear Test

Designed with the toughest of urban terrain in mind, we put the Tekoa through its paces in East London’s muddy parks and rain-slicked streets. Sizable and snugly lined, this sneakerboot is a sure-fire winter warmer, while its grippy sole won’t quit when put across slippery patches of sludge or water.

Especially useful are the heel pull loops, making the process of getting these on and off almost as smooth as their water-resistant, waxed leather upper.

Best for: weekend walks; snow days; longer than average commutes (depending on your office dress code).

Available at ASOS in black and antiqued, priced £110.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Hiker

Intended for traversing city streets, Converse’s new Street Hiker boot is a slick smart-casual style for the image-conscious, but still packs plenty of element-deflecting protection.

The Wear Test

Two parts form to one part function, the Street Hiker is ideal for guarding your feet from rain showers, icy winds and spilt pints.

Featuring a mid-profile and premium leather upper, the Street Hiker ranks a notch higher than the Tekoa on the smartness scale, making it much easier to integrate into everyday wear. Although you might want to switch out the bright laces first.

Best for: your weatherproof work wardrobe; off-duty city-slicking’ nights out.

Available at Schuh in black and tan, priced £80

Final Word

You might know Converse as the brand that launched ballers to slam dunks or punks into mosh pits, but it’s just as adept at keeping your two feet on the ground. The Chuck Taylor All Star sneakerboots keep style, comfort and steely resilience spinning all at the same time. And that’s no cakewalk.

Shop the full Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakerboot collection online at now.