As most retailers slash prices in sacrifice to the Great God Consumerism, Dutch sneaker brand Filling Pieces opts for a different approach to Black Friday. For the third year in a row, it’s produced a signature range to mark the Most Dangerous Retail Day of the Year™. But this time around, the Amsterdammers have enlisted Tokyo’s menswear gods Ones Stroke for the brand’s first step outside the sneaker.

The result is a five-piece capsule collection of all-black workwear, the ideal partner to its signature kicks. The focus is firmly on downtime, from a sumptuous robe hoodie you can imagine Kanye rocking straight out of the bath, to the waffle pants and sweat, both crafted from skin-swaddling Japanese cotton and branding so subtle you’ll have to point it out (and believe us, when you’ve copped a collaboration this fire, you’ll want to point it out).

And because you shouldn’t fix what ain’t broke too much, the brand’s also launched a brand new shoe silhouette, the Low Top Wavy, crafted from laser cut leather strips with etched detailing on Filling Piece’s custom designed Top Stripe outsole. All of which means Black Friday just got a lot brighter.

The Filling Pieces x Ones Stroke Black Friday capsule collection is available now at, priced from €150.