Unpredictable: there’s no word that better describes winter in the northern hemisphere. With blizzards one day and brilliant sunshine the next, the weather is almost as fickle as the fashion industry. To tackle both these mercurial monsters you could do worse than Finisterre’s Caelus parka – a jacket that takes comfort, protection and style seriously.

Since 2002, Finisterre has produced responsibly made garments with a focus on craftsmanship and longevity. Designed specifically for cold weather surfers, Finisterre’s apparel is made to stand up to even the toughest elements. With its CWS line, the brand merges its core principles of durability, ethical practices, and aesthetics that won’t date.

The pinnacle of this season’s CWS line is the Caelus parka, a British-born piece that works just as well when scanning for a seat on your morning commute as it does surveying Alpine peaks. The parka’s versatility is due to its three-in-one functionality: the inner layer can be worn as an insulated bomber jacket, the outer as a lightweight waterproof, or you can zip both together and double down on comfort and weather protection.

Warmth and breathability comes courtesy of the label’s newest fabric innovation, HD Wool. This adaptive, natural insulation boasts superior moisture management and was designed in partnership with British wool experts H. Dawson & Sons.

Continuing Finisterre’s commitment to responsibly sourced fabrics, HD Wool is made from organic cotton and recycled materials, which makes it 100 per cent biodegradable. Not that you’ll be chucking it anytime soon. Because we can at least predict that you’ll be breaking it out again for a few winters to come.

The Caelus parka is available now from finisterreuk.com, priced £360.