Most men will never own a Lamborghini. If you’d been investigating the gap in the sofa cushions to see if somehow £300,000 had slipped out of your pocket during the X Factor, then I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Realistically, the closest you’ll ever come to its roar is hearing some oil heir razzing his up Kensington High Street.

But just because you’ll never get the chance to park one up in front of your house, that doesn’t mean men whose home isn’t sitting on a billion barrels of black gold can’t buy into the brand. Lamborghini has finally followed every other unobtainable marque name and plonked its logo on a bottle of fragrance, to offer a more pocket-friendly way to get your hands on its raging bull.

There, the similarities with the other inhabitants of your dream garage end. For most car brands, spin-offs tend towards the tacky. After all, anyone who can actually afford a Ferrari probably gets his signature scent hand-mixed by that guy from Perfume who murders virgins to bottle their odour (which is a gift for the man who has everything, by the way, should you be struggling with this year’s Christmas list).

But Lambo has opted for a different route. One full of the hairpin bends and switchbacks its cars feast on. Instead of a chunky glass bottle, sloshing with a cologne that launches in a sickly cloud and disappears as fast as its namesake, Lamborghini’s L series comes in four distinct extrait de parfums (the most concentrated variant of a fragrance, compared to eau de toilette and cologne).

Each 25ml bottle supposedly represents a different facet of the Lamborghini experience. L1, which debuted last year, is all leather, tobacco and vetiver, a musky scent best paired with a shirt unbuttoned to the navel and open-topped trips to your villa on the Riviera. L2, however, is lighter, full of citrus, pink pepper and a hint of fern. It’s as delicate as your imaginary Aventador’s handling and less likely to fling you into a tyre wall.

For grunt, look to L3, where floral top notes switch gear into first tonka bean, then a rush of sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli that arrive like a dropped clutch. Finally, L4 opens with bergamot and pink pepper, joined first by cardamom, then pepper and incense notes, which emulate winding road trips with the sat nav ignored.

Of course, none of the fragrances quite encapsulates that life-before-your-eyes acceleration that comes with burying a Lamborghini’s accelerator into its carpeting. But unlike most car brand spin-offs, these are scents that work even without the logo on the bottle. The Lamborghini DNA isn’t in the scents themselves – if it was, you’d just reek of petrol and burnt clutch – but in the care that’s gone into building them.

Lamborghini L Series extrait de parfum is available now at, from £120 for 50ml.

Fragrance Facts

Bottle: a quartet of 25ml glass bottles. Alternatively, opt for an individual fragrance to get a pair of refills and a laser-etched, aluminium atomiser.
Best for: an olfactory injection of 500bhp.


Head notes: leather, pepper;
Heart notes: tobacco;
Base notes: musks, vetiver.


Head notes: lemon, mandarin orange, pink pepper;
Heart notes: spices, fern;
Base notes: birch, nutmeg, lavender.


Head notes: saffron, lavender, bergamot;
Heart notes: violet, labdanum, tonka bean;
Base notes: vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli.


Head notes: bergamot, pink grapefruit, cardamom;
Heart notes: woods, black pepper, incense;
Base notes: amber, cypriol oil, patchouli.