Like record label execs eager to breathe new life into a hit on the wane, fragrance brands love a remix. The logic is understandable: take something people recognise, tinker with the ingredients, then slap on a suffix. Which is why to find your signature scent you now need to wade through a sea of versions labelled ‘Extreme’, ‘Intense’ and, most recently, ‘Sport’.

You’ll also notice, being a canny FashionBeans reader who’s not easily fooled by marketing industry guff, that those are all words designed to appeal to men not otherwise inclined towards stuff in pretty bottles that smells nice.

Of that trio, sport is the worst defined. As a rule, it’s an epithet applied to scents you could spritz on after the gym; fresher, more dynamic, they tend to double-down on citrus and disappear with a speed that rivals the athletes they’re designed for. Key themes here: summery, light, designed to subtly waft out from a cotton tee. Not punch their way through a cable knit.

So why are we suggesting Prada’s sporty addition to the Luna Rossa line as a partner to whatever winter solstice festivities you might have planned? Because, in true Prada style, it tacks against those ideas of what a sport fragrance should be.

Citrus? Pah. Where you’d expect a rush of on-trend bergamot or grapefruit, that first spritz introduces ginger, then juniper berries, riding a rich wave of tonka bean. Once the spice has cleared away there’s a lovely note of lavender, as per the original, but yoked by a big waft of vanilla. Which makes for a scent with little relation to the eponymous yacht racing team that inspired it. More the chap who bought the boat and observes its progress from his villa.

As fragrance companies seem to revel in proving, you can’t judge a scent by its name, let alone its bottle. In this case, you’re best taking ‘sport’ with a pinch of sea salt. There’s nothing stopping you spraying this one after that Abs Of Fury session, but ideally you’d complement those juniper notes by mixing them with tonic and a slice of lime. Not protein powder.

Prada Luna Rossa Sport eau de toilette is available now at Escentual, from £38 for 50ml.

Fragrance Facts

Bottle: metal and glass designed to symbolise the synergy of the sailor and the hull of his catamaran. But if you don’t explain that, it makes a handsome addition to your fragrance shelf.
Head notes: ginger, juniper berry;
Heart notes: lavender;
Base notes: tonka bean, vanilla.
Best for: cocktails at the yacht club. That you own.