With summer on the horizon, there’s no reason to be blue – but you might rethink such a mentality after perusing the latest trend from Baselworld 2015: the blue dial.

Featured on timepieces across the price spectrum, this key colour holds a degree of formality while still offering utmost versatility; pair it with your suit during the working week or your jeans at the weekend, it’s an easy horological choice.

Whether it’s a cerulean hue or a navy shade, we’ve rounded up the best options on the current market so you can wade into the blue with ease. No armbands necessary.

Affordable Options

Timex has undergone something of a reinvention of late and the Waterbury model is a sound example of the brand’s new pared-back aesthetic.

Clean, classic and simple, you can channel a heritage vibe for a mere £70.

A more modern approach presents itself in the Nixon Time Teller (£89) – a firm favourite of the sartorially-inclined.

The gold bracelet makes a considered statement, working just as well with tailoring as it does streetwear.

Kings of the understatement, Skagen make effortless look easy with the Ancher Refined (£121).

Although a tan leather strap and dulled metal case borders ‘unassuming’ territory, the rich blue dial adds a bold yet welcome edge.

Mid-Range Options

The Shinola Runwell (£645) has one huge point of difference: gritty Detroit-influenced design as opposed to the usual Swiss classicism.

These robust models can be large on the wrist but boast an undoubtedly masculine appeal thanks an industrial aesthetic.

88 Rue du Rhone offer perfect sports/dress watch hybrids, and the Double 8 Origin (£420) in stainless steel is no exception.

A navy dial bordering on black is a subtle yet striking choice that allows this timepiece to effortlessly transition from office to bar.

Loud, proud and unashamedly geared to brand-hunters, the Gucci Dive’s (£695) light blue dial subtly differentiates it from other diving watches on the market, while the classic stainless steel bracelet is both timeless and versatile.

Burberry has given its city-inspired steel design a modern update with the introduction of a royal blue dial.

Iconic branding and a pared-back aesthetic make the City watch a popular choice for sartorialists – and it’s an absolute steal at £495.

Luxury Options

Breitling have always created distinctly masculine watches, and the Navitimer (£7,680) sticks rigidly to this ethos.

Packing every feature imaginable, highlights include a 450-part movement and 12-hour chronograph display.

Since its creation over 75 years ago, the Portuguese (£9,950) model has cemented itself in horological consciousness.

As you would expect from IWC, the inclusion of a coloured dial is neither garish nor vibrant and instead injects a touch of classic prestige to an already sophisticated timepiece.

Although TAG Heuer may be seen as ‘accessible’ to watch aficionados, the Aquaracer clocks in at a cool £2,600.

The amalgamation of sports watch features and contemporary colours (a bi-coloured bracelet and bright blue dial) has the potential to be jarring, yet a sleek design keeps the Aquaracer classic.

Bremont plays to its British roots with gusto and the U-2 (£3,595) is undoubtedly a hero piece for the brand.

A navy blue dial and leather strap restricts versatility slightly, but an aviation-focused movement and world-famous branding make it a real statement on the wrist for collectors with deep pockets.