Kickers Celebrates Kick Hi Boot With Video Series

To mark the 40th anniversary of its iconic Kick Hi Boot, French footwear label Kickers has put together a short video series entitled ‘Footprints’, celebrating its popularity amongst British subcultures.

The iconic silhouette, which has been continually adapted and interpreted by various cultural groups, is praised in a series of clips by figureheads from across the decades.

Kicking off proceedings is DJ Spoony, recalling the rise of the boot on the UK Garage scene, followed by rock photographer Ian Tilton and his account of the Madchester movement, photographer Gavin Watson with the fashion choices embedded in Rave culture, finishing with novelist Kevin Sampson and his sartorial memories from the Casuals subculture.

Made in association with Jocks & Nerds magazine, which explores movements in fashion and art, the short clips give viewers insight into how the Kick Hi Boot has been embraced and loved over and over again.

If you’re looking for a fashionable trip down a memory lane, check out the video series below…

DJ Spoony

Ian Tilton

Gavin Watson

Kevin Sampson