Only Hollywood rivals the trainer industry in its propensity to resurrect the past. Blame creative droughts; blame consumer apathy; blame our culture’s BuzzFeed-driven love of nostalgia over originality, but history is money. Which is why our multiplexes echo with raptors and lightsabers, and the pavements to the slap of Ventilator and Stan Smith.

So you can’t blame K-Swiss for having a rummage through its archive and coming up with the Gstaad, a 19-year-old trainer that originally found fame shuttling across Grand Slam tennis courts, before making that time-honoured transition to the streets.

Rather than follow the well-worn path of handing a classic over to stores, to rework in a billion new colourways, the brand’s stayed close to the original: monochrome and, from the front and side, minimal branding. But that subtlety sublimes the second you turn on your heel, where the label has stamped its name in contrast letters big enough to see from the Death Star.

Which is a bold statement, since K-Swiss doesn’t carry quite the cultural cache of its fewer-striped sneaker sibling. But when your adidas Superstar rotation is getting a tad samey, the Gstaad Big Logo lets you rep an OG that actually looks new. Which sounds like history in the making.

The Gstaad Big Logo is available now at, priced £80.

K-Swiss Gstaad Big Logo