The most exciting fashion often appears like a magpie, plucking facets from an array of cultures and subcultures then weaving them into something new and, hopefully, distinctive. Which is the case with Kutula, a streetwear label recently born in London, but which draws inspiration from far beyond the urban sprawl.

The name is at odds the brand’s debut collection. Taken from the Zulu word for peace, the 34-piece offering leans heavily on urban camo, with the pattern carried across everything from reversible bombers to jogging bottoms and tees. It’s bold styling that, counter-intuitively, ensures you won’t blend in.

The collection is rooted in founder Jimi Herrtage’s travels through South Africa, where he was inspired by what he saw as the country’s underexposed creative talent. Beyond their impact on his designs, Kutula also acts as a platform – through its biannual zine and online editorials – to bring these musicians, artists and skaters to a wider audience.

Future releases will continue the globe-hopping theme, as Herrtage’s sojourns are crystallised into each season’s collection. Expect streetwear staples with an international edge that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Kutula’s debut collection is available now at, priced from £25.

Kutula Debut Menswear Collection