When it comes to food delivery services, London pales in comparison to other bustling metropolises. New Yorkers, for example, have long enjoyed the benefits their compact city offers, including the ability to get pretty much any type of food delivered direct to their doors.

Of course, there are the usual flurry of pizza places and burger joints, but being too busy to cook doesn’t always mean you want to eat junk food – and New York restaurants understand this. Fancy a slice of that gluten-free avocado cheesecake from the vegan café across town? No problem. A rare steak and bottle of Pinot Noir? Easy.

But if you look closely, there’s more to London’s food delivery scene than you might think: Deliverance offers nutritious, home-cooked-style ‘global’ meals, while Deliveroo will collect takeaway from a limited list of restaurants.

For stress-free cooking without the hassle of supermarket shopping, head to HelloFresh and Marley Spoon, or, for a gourmet version, try Goosebox for boxes of hand-picked, recipe-led ingredients.

We’ve chosen five of the best food deliveries to satisfy your every whim.


Bonapeti is the antithesis of most of UK’s fat-laden, meaty takeaways. Vegetarian and predominantly gluten-free, Bonapeti’s chefs put together a daily plant-based menu, including dishes such as salsify tandoori curry with chickpea pilaf, vine-ripened tomatoes stuffed with butter beans, feat and quinoa, and chocolate amaranth pudding with banana chips and cacao nibs. This is guilt-free takeaway.

Honourable mention goes to The Detox Kitchen, which offers a powerhouse of a menu but could prove prohibitively expensive for some.



The UK offers some amazing coffee subscription services, including the likes of Kopi and Pact, so what makes Roasterr so special?

Simply put, its attention to detail: freshly ground coffee recommendations come via a short questionnaire on your brew method, bitter/sweet and preparation preferences.

They also offer decaf, the choice of whole or freshly ground beans and weekly, fortnightly and monthly delivery options. A seriously bespoke service.



Although operating in a limited area of north London, Hubbub is a time-poor person’s dream.

Simply place your order online and Hubbub will go shopping for you at high-end green grocers, bakeries, wine shops, butchers, fishmongers and more.

Product prices are the same as in-store and they also offer same day delivery. However, it’s the quality of the shops that make Hubbub so special: fancy some Paul A. Young salted caramel truffles without having to leave the house? Done and done.


Turner & George

Turner & George (formerly East London Steak Company) are the kings of meat delivery, not least due to the vast selection of superior cuts on offer. You can order everything from beef dripping and bone marrow to pork jowl and fillet steak, and everything comes hand-wrapped in vintage-feel brown paper.

Check out its BBQ boxes if you want to impress your friends: a ‘small’ beef box will only set you back £25 and for that you’ll get two sirloins, two rumps, four burgers, four sausages and a jar of the merchants’ delicious umami steak rub (it’s addictive).



You don’t need to own a blender and juicer (along with a spare hour each morning during which to blend and juice) to stay healthy – you simply need to head to Purifyne’s website, where you can order a plethora of cold pressed juices and smoothies to be delivered direct to your door.

Compile a bespoke package or choose from one of their juice packs, including ‘work smart’ and ‘anti-ageing’. Try the Greenewal juice – which contains lettuce, apple, chard, asparagus, lime and ginger – for a zinging start to your day.