Speak to a cyclist for long enough and the conversation will soon turn to the benefits of either merino wool, or espressos. The former is a wonder material, which sucks up sweat and dumps heat on those punishing hill climbs, but still keeps you warm on frosty rides.

The latter is the non-Lance Armstrong’s drug of choice, delivering jolts of caffeine without calories (your frappuccino plays havoc with power-to-weight ratios) and takes the sting out of even the most gruelling ascents. So you’re as likely to find an Aeropress slotted beneath some bike seats as a water bottle.

Which is why London’s cycling clubs now make a Tuesday pilgrimage to the bar of communications company Exposure, where Mother’s Milk crafts up its award-winning coffee. The brewing duo of James Wise and Will Hilliard learned their way around an espresso machine at two of the driving forces behind the capital’s coffee renaissance – Prufrock and the Espresso Room – before graduating to run the coffee bar at hip cycling mecca Rapha. All of which has coalesced into their new role, fuelling the city’s two-wheeled creatives.

Not that Mother’s Milk’s coffee is restricted solely to cyclists. Should you fancy your own morning pick-me-up or post-prandial desnoozer, the coffee bar is open from 8.30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, where you can get your caffeine hit for just £2. There’s no dress code, but we’d advise wearing your best merino sweater. Just to give you something to talk about.

22-23 Little Portland Street, London, W1W 8BU

Mother’s Milk Coffee At Exposure