Mr Porter Launches Luxury Series

Fast fashion may be adept at ripping off runway styles, but you still need to unlock your wallet to buy quality. Beyond trends, luxury’s leading names have formed those reputations on craftsmanship, which Mr Porter is celebrating with a series of exclusive capsule collections from the likes of Brioni, Boglioli and Thom Sweeney, all of which sit at the investment end of our wishlist. To get an idea of what sets these brands apart, and why Mr Porter decided now’s the time to flag up its luxury brands, we chatted to buyer Sam Kershaw to get the inside line on this insider’s line. Best get those cost-per-wear calculators out. FashionBeans: What brands did you want to work with on this project? Sam Kershaw: The Luxury Series comprises of three capsule collections from Brioni, Boglioli and Thom Sweeney, all designed exclusively for Mr Porter. We already have great relationships with our luxury brands – we’re home to some of the best in the world – but this project allowed us to develop that further and in turn create something unique for our customer. The concept of each collection was carefully considered – we wanted to ensure that it was true to each designer’s aesthetic, but designed from a Mr Porter point of view whether that be in the cut, the fabric or the colourways. Why did you decide to create this series of capsules? We wanted to build on our already successful luxury business by collaborating with these designers to bring something different to the table. Something that sits well alongside our existing collections on the site, but has a point of difference that sets it apart from the rest. It was a chance for each of these brands to explore new design concepts and take things in a direction that they may not necessarily have previously considered with their mainline collections. What was the design process like? As with all of our exclusives, it was a very collaborative process. From our perspective we knew that we wanted to not only strengthen our relationships with these brands, but also explore a different stylistic approach for each of them so that our customer feels that they’re getting an exclusive insight into their favourite luxury designers. Seeing a side to them that they’d never seen before. The initial design concept always comes from the brands themselves and that is very important, but we work with them at every stage of process to develop and build on that concept. As a retailer we always consider customer needs and feedback that we’ve received, to ensure that there’s an appetite for what is being created. Do you have a favourite piece from each collection? From Brioni’s collection it has to be the transitional outerwear. The blouson Harrington jacket comes in a beautiful silk-cotton mix that I personally love and then the cropped leather jacket is an unabashedly luxurious piece, the leather is buttery soft. They’re both such versatile items. It’s really difficult to narrow it down to one piece with Boglioli as I feel that the strength of the collection is in how it fits together as a story, but I do love the block-coloured tailoring. If I was to select one it would be the rich whisky tone. It’s such a unique colour that I’ve not seen anywhere else and there’s a real sense of opulence in its richness. The Thom Sweeney capsule is very cohesive as a collection too. It was designed to be styled together in the way that they wear it. Although I wouldn’t want to single out one piece what I would say is that it looks best when layered; there’s a lot of interesting textures in the fabrics that work so well together. My favourite Thom Sweeney look is to layer a button-down shirt under a classic sleeveless cardigan, worn under sharp tailoring. The Thom Sweeney and Brioni collections are available now at while Boglioli is set to drop during the second week of December. Prices start at £120 for a tie from Thom Sweeney to £3,240 for a leather jacket from Brioni.

Mr Porter Luxury Series - Boglioli Collection

Mr Porter Luxury Series - Brioni Collection

Mr Porter Luxury Series - Thom Sweeney Collection

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