There’s a point, around the age of 12, that being in a gang turns from boyhood japes to something that could earn you an ASBO. It’s a transition worth mourning, because every man needs a group of like-minded chaps around him to bounce ideas off. Whether it’s how to approach his boss for a promotion, or the best method for building a treehouse.

Which is why Original Penguin decided to create its own gang: the Leisure Club. To celebrate the launch of its new collection, the brand tapped up five of London’s best creative minds, then asked two friends of FashionBeans, Chris Benns and Jonathan Daniel Pryce (AKA GarconJon), to style and shoot them.

When your gang includes the likes of rare groove encyclopedia and DJ Pharoah, fitness revolutionary Lewis Flanders, and Christopher Grove, the man behind one of our favourite menswear brands, Percival, you need to wear a uniform that makes a mark. Fortunately, Original Penguin’s 1950s- and 1960s-leaning designs provide precisely that, harking back to a time when masculinity was celebrated, without being overpowering. And when gangs were more likely to engage in a spirited barbershop battle than a drive-by.

The Original Penguin Leisure Club Collection is available now at, priced from £65.

Original Penguin Leisure Club Collection