You can picture the creative meeting between the new hook-up between underground east London store Goodhood, and underground streetwear brand Roundel. Whose moniker is even inspired by the name for a circular symbol, such as the one that serves as the London Underground‘s logo.

“We’re both ‘underground‘,” says one creative to the other. “So – and hear me out – why don’t we open a pop-up shop in a London Underground station?”

“But, what would it sell?”

“How about Roundel’s Underground-referencing collection. Which, handily, we happen to stock here at Goodhood. Plus we could curate some of the brands we’ve got on the Goodhood shelves, and commission a bunch of new, London Undergroundy designs, too.”

“Done. Pub?”

[Both head to their local and proceed to play the Jam’s ‘Going Underground’ on the jukebox until the barman asks them to leave.]

While the folks behind this concept toast their ingenuity, you should nip to Piccadilly Station where – from 22-25 October – you can grab Roundel’s punk-inspired tartan jackets and newsprint tees, alongside a selection of Goodhood’s greatest hits.

Although we’d advise you catch yourself an Uber home. The Piccadilly line is hell when you’re lugging shopping bags.