Carmaker. The clue’s in the name. But just as your preferred fashion brands have long since branched out into other niches (Versace crockery, anyone?), car manufacturers aren’t content with just helping you get around.

So now, living the petrolhead lifestyle needn’t end the minute you park up.

Porsche Design Kitchen

There’s a Porsche for almost every motoring eventuality: the Macan SUV, Panamera limo and 911 sports car all fulfil very different driving needs. But unless you misjudge the length of your driveway, you can’t bring yours indoors.

You can get the next best thing, however, now that the German brand has teamed up with compatriots Poggenpohl for a range of Porsche Design kitchens – the ideal place to store the carmaker’s accompanying knife and tea sets.

Like a Porsche, it’s sleek, functional and eye-wateringly expensive. And while it lacks the car’s horsepower, it should still help you get dinner on the table faster.

Mercedes-Benz Apartment

If a kitchen doesn’t quite cut the mustard (even with a Porsche Design knife), then perhaps you’d prefer an entire apartment? Mercedes has collaborated with the owners of Malmaison to create six flats in Kensington, each of which has been inspired by one of the brand’s models.

You can’t actually buy these apartments, but you can rent them for up to two months at a time for £300-400 a night. Which beats sleeping in your car.

MINI x Tumi Luggage

The relaunched MINI doesn’t quite live up to its name, with a wheelbase only a few centimetres shy of the original Range Rover’s. Which makes parking tougher, but packing a cinch. Especially if you’re stuffing it with the brand’s luggage collaboration with TUMI.

The ballistic nylon bags are emblazoned either with MINI’s signature Union Jack, or black and orange racing stripes. And they’re compact enough to help you make the most of even the old MINI’s rather more limited boot space.

From £55,

Peugeot Bicycle

Peugeot, creator of the indestructible 505, legendary 205 GTi, and the truly dire 307CC has, for many years, also made bicycles. The range is huge, from road bikes to the retro-looking Urban range, each of which would look perfect in Hipsterville, east London.

If you still expect a Peugeot to do the work for you, the company also make a range of hybrid bikes that come with an electric motor charged by your pedalling. The AE21 is perhaps the most striking two-wheeler we’ve come across, but it’s a nod to the quirky Gallic design Peugeot’s whole range used to embody.

From £2,300

Alfa Romeo Sleigh

Combine an Alfa Romeo with snow and you’ll usually spend a day with numb hands as the engine refuses to start. Which is perhaps why Alfa’s entry to the winter sports canon comes sans motor.

This aluminium sleigh was inspired by – and designed for – its staggeringly beautiful 4C sports car, and makes the perfect accessory if you’re planning a run to the Italian Alps this winter. It’s also your escape route should the car break down between resorts.


Volkswagen GTi Watch

VW is the daddy of GTis. The rocket-powered Golf made the hot hatch an object of lust and it’s never lost that cache. The GTi chronograph watch is a nod to this heritage.

It’s packed with with retro references to the interior of the earlier cars, like the red stitching that featured heavily in the original Golfs and has been resurrected in recent GTis. Just don’t let it tempt you into quarter miles against the clock.


Maserati Sneakers

The Maserati MC12 is one of the finest supercars produced in the last decade, and a fine way to spend a spare £1.2m. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you can still buy into the dream.

Finished in the same colours as the standard MC12 (although that is a loose deployment of the word ‘standard’), these trainers have the Maserati trident blazoned across the side. Should that be a touch vulgar, the brand does a more subtle range of boat shoes, with the logo relegated to a metal pin and a stamp on the sole.

From €145,

Ferrari Leather Bomber Jacket

There are two things every man should want: a good leather jacket and a Ferrari to drive it in. One is probably more achievable than the other (unless you take our advice and buy a classic 456GT).

Fortunately, Ferrari, in its generosity, has produced a handmade bomber, helping tick off both dreams with a single purchase. The stitching is inspired by the interior of the Maranello, which is a piece of knowledge to distract people with when they question why you’re wearing it on the bus.