Let’s be honest: the reason we’re all on Instagram is to covet things we can’t afford, and to drool over #foodgrams. Follow the right accounts, and you’ll never run out of breakfast, lunch and dinner inspiration. But as the trend for snapping pics of every meal grows, so does the arsenal of bad and sad food photography.

To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve chosen our five favourite Instagram food accounts that should be in your follow list.

1. @iamafoodblog

Run by Stephanie Le, i am a food blog aims to “celebrate the awesomeness of food”, and its Instagram account does just that.

Not afraid to embrace life’s guilty pleasures, Le features everything from cute kitten-shaped cookies and mouth-watering images of succulent burgers and crinkle-cut fries, to shots of home-made blistered shishito, cherry tomato and burrata salads and recipes for kimchi braised pork belly.

Its beautiful photography is the icing on the cake – and we’re not the only ones to notice Le’s skills: i am a food blog has been nominated for (and won) numerous awards, and Le has recently published her first book, East Gourmet.

Follow: @iamafoodblog

Best #foodgram

Kimchi braised pork belly. No one captures an egg yolk quite like Le.

2. @spoonforkbacon

Possibly the best name for a food blog ever, and its Instagram account don’t disappoint. Spoon Fork Bacon is run by photographer Teri Lyn Fisher and food stylist Jenny Park, so it’s suitably gorgeous, and focusses on simple, home-made dishes with no-fuss ingredients – although, occasionally, they’ll get fancy and make a lobster bisque.

Their ethos is perfectly summed up in their first cookbook, The Perfect Egg, which does exactly what is says on the tin: celebrates one of the world’s most abundant superfoods.

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Best #foodgram

Frozen custards. A melty, dribbly, pastel-hued feast.

3. @wrightkitchen

Seattle photographer Brittany Wright has just one goal: “to teach myself how to cook anything and everything”. And it has proved a popular quest, earning her 92.4k followers in the process.

This is largely due, however, to Wright’s playful approach to food photography: see her ‘gradient’ series to capture the essence of what she’s all about. You can even lay your hands on one of her limited edition prints.

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Best #foodgram

The donut food gradient is super fun.

4. @davidlebovitz

David Lebovitz, he of worldwide pastry fame and possibly the most delicious cake recipe ever, is a king on Instagram, snapshotting his Parisian adventures to drool-worthy effect.

In true Francophile style, he regularly posts pics of bread, Normandy butter and a veritable smorgasbord of cheeses, which he balances out with a window onto his myriad of food-related travels.

Highlights include larger-than-your-face slices of New York pizza, behind the scenes cooking class shots, and, as you would expect, the most incredible array of desserts.

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Best #foodgram

His jambon-beurre pretty much sums him up.

5. @symmetrybreakfast

The perfect Instagram account: delicious food, arranged symmetrically. What started as an accident, when educational officer Michael Zee made breakfast for his boyfriend and noticed it was symmetrical, has now gone viral, picking up 253k followers along the way.

You might think that there would be a limit to how many variations on breakfast one can post, but this is no cereal and a slice of toast kind of couple. Expect steak and egg rolls, Cantonese char siu baos and good old trusty Shakshuka, all meticulously arranged on some of the best kitchenware available.

If this doesn’t inspire you to up your breakfast ante, nothing will.

Follow: @symmetrybreakfast

Best #foodgram

They’re all exquisite, but the matcha marble shoku pan with yoghurt is particularly strong.