New ‘Uplifting’ Jewellery Brand Launches

Life coach Antonio Marsocci has combined his love of fashion and mentoring to launch a jewellery line based around his optimistic thinking philosophies.

Entitled ‘Think Positive’, the London-based brand conveys its message through a range of luxury men’s jewellery, crafted in Italy.

Aiming to “inspire its customers to adopt a positive thinking philosophy in order to achieve their goals”, pieces in the line act as a physical reminder of Marsocci’s uplifting attitude.

Philosophy aside, the range comprises a simple, masculine selection of necklaces, bracelets and cuff links in a mixture shades and textures, including everything from sterling silver chains to brown leather cuffs.

For those looking for a stand-out piece, the Sterling Silver & Diamonds Bracelet demands attention and comes in at the top of the range at £950. However, with new items being added to the brand’s online store monthly, there’s plenty more affordable options for jewellery fans to choose from.

Check out the full Think Positive collection at the brand’s webstore. Prices range from £49 to £950.

Think Positive Jewellery