The US-Based Men’s Fashion Bloggers You Need To Know

America is a big country with big style. From the laid-back looks of California to the confident, edgy fashions of New York, the US has style in abundance. So it should come as no surprise that some of the best in men’s fashion blogging hail from the fifty states.

Offering unique outlooks on current trends, the men below are a superb reference point for any style-conscious gent. If you’re looking for inspiration from the country’s most knowledgeable influencers, be sure to add their blogs to your daily reads.

Dan Trepanier – Articles Of Style

Founded by America’s ‘Best Dressed Real Man’, according to Esquire US, Articles of Style is the ultimate resource for any guy interested in improving or enhancing his personal style.

From detailed guides to editorials covering all areas of men’s fashion, creative director Dan Trepanier offers invaluable information that all men can relate to.

Dan Trepanier - Articles Of Style

Brian Sacawa – He Spoke Style

If you admire the style of Don Draper, then Brian Sacawa’s blog is a must-read. Featuring style guides, product recommendations and entertaining videos, He Spoke Style puts a modern spin on the classic 1960s aesthetic.

Fashion isn’t the only focus of this site, it also features cocktail recipes and an entire section dedicated whisky. He Spoke Style is the blog that will take your style from every man to mad man.

Brian Sacawa - He Spoke Style

Blake Scott – The Scott Effect

Blake Scott has turned Instagram into an art form with his fashion photography and impeccable clothing choices. But it’s his blog, The Scott Effect, on which his original point of view on style shines.

A leading trendsetter on the West Coast, Scott breaks down each of his dapper, yet youthful, looks and offers his picks of the week.

With excellent street style photography, Scott shows how to look just as sharp in a three-piece suit as in jeans and a T-shirt.

Blake Scott - The Scott Effect

Justin Livingston – Scout Sixteen

New York-based blogger Justin Livingston takes casual trends to the next level on his blog. Featuring fashion, travel, design, music and more, Scout Sixteen is packed with interesting write-ups and stunning original photography.

Originally from Mississippi, Livingston showcases the best of NYC fashion, mixing his casual Southern vibe with the city’s cutting-edge approach to style.

Justin Livingston - Scout Sixteen

Jamal Jackson – Style Society Guy

A master of street style, Jamal Jackson is the embodiment of New York cool. His blog, Style Society Guy, features how-to guides, detailed outfit breakdowns and curated shopping lists.

Jackson offers not only a look not into his wardrobe, but his travels, parties and playlists too. He also frequently runs giveaways for his readers.

Jamal Jackson - Style Society Guy

Adam Gallagher – I Am Galla

Arguably one of the biggest names in men’s fashion blogging, Adam Gallagher is the founder and creative voice behind I Am Galla. It’s one of the leading sites due to its perfectly shot fashion photography, style tips and trend forecasts, as well as a thorough lifestyle section.

Even though he is from the US, Gallagher loves to travel – offering wardrobe and lifestyle recommendations from every corner of the globe.

Adam Gallagher - I Am Galla

Anthony Urbano – Oh Anthonio

Although Anthony Urbano describes himself as a nerd, there’s nothing dorky about his style.

By playing with fit, era, as well as high and low price tags, Urbano has developed a unique personal style, which he details on Oh Anthonio. This blog is the latest offering from Urbano, who previously ran the popular Closet Freaks.

Anthony Urbano - Oh Anthonio

Saul Carrasco – Trend Styled

A Texan living in New York, Saul Carrasco uses Trend Styled to break down his no-nonsense on-trend looks.

Combining his Southern gentleman style with metropolitan touches, Carrasco puts together ensembles that are both sharp and accessible. Along with daily outfit updates, his blog also features tips on grooming and travel.

Saul Carrasco - Trend Styled

Aaron Wester – The Modern Otter

As well as blogging about fashion, Aaron Wester, who runs The Modern Otter, also writes about the story behind the clothes.

Don’t be fooled by the jeans and T-shirts, Wester is serious about style. Not only does he write excellent fashion-focused content, he also posts product reviews of everything from food delivery to grooming services.

Aaron Wester - The Modern Otter

Moti Ankari – The Metro Man

On The Metro Man, Moti Ankari combines staple pieces to create one-of-a-kind outfits, proving that you don’t have be dramatic to make a statement.

Followers of Ankari can also read about hotel recommendations, cocktail recipes, and get an inside look into the fashion business.

Moti Ankari - The Metro Man

Sabir Peele – Men’s Style Pro

Philadelphia native Sabir Peele has been recognised by leading US magazines including Esquire and GQ as one of the best dressed men in America.

His blog, Men’s Style Pro, offers personal tips and advice via how-to pages, style guides, brand reviews and lifestyle pieces.

Despite the wide scope of the site, Peele maintains his own unique fashion sense, taking classic apparel and giving it a modern twist.

Sabir Peele - Men's Style Pro

Marcel Floruss – One Dapper Street

He might be German by birth, but Marcel Floruss has adopted New York City as his home.

His incredibly popular blog, One Dapper Street, takes casual fashion seriously, offering in-depth outfit breakdowns of his daily looks.

With event coverage, a street style section and detailed shopping page, One Dapper Street offers a full menswear experience.

Marcel Floruss - One Dapper Street

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