In today’s time-starved world we’re constantly on the look out for ways to efficiently cut corners, affording us a few precious extra minutes doing something else.

Most men, particularly those that live in a busy city, scarcely have time to restock their fridge, let alone bathroom cabinet or sock drawer. That’s where subscription-based services come in – and it’s little wonder why the industry saw a 40 per cent boom in sales in the three months to July this year.

Aimed at alleviating the task of regular online shopping or the pain of crowded stores, these mail-delivered boxes are the silent minders of our razor stock, our beer shelf, and even the sex drawer where we keep all our goodies.

Sound appealing? Well, here are some of the best delivered-to-door ways around those everyday buys.


The term ‘peak beard’ will be music to the ears of Cornerstone, which launched in 2014 to combine and deliver all the products needed for a good shave, including razors, scrubs, gels and balms.

The service allows subscribers to initially select products, each developed with dermatologists, and a delivery schedule based on their own shaving routine. A flat rate of £30 is charged at six, twelve or twenty-four week intervals but deliveries can be paused to avoid build-ups.

Cornerstone Men's Shaving/Grooming Subscription Service UK


Even wearing just one new tie per month can help make sure you stay out of a style rut. Earlier this year, knitted accessories label Broni&Bo launched its tie subscription service, which delivers a new addition from its own collection to your wardrobe each month.

Choose from a three, six or twelve month subscription – priced from £79.99 for ties or £45.99 for bow ties – and expect a variation of colours and patterns including houndstooth, stripes and block hues.

Broni&Bo Men's Ties Subscription Service UK


The Chapar service already made our dream team of five key men’s style experts as a quick, free and time-efficient alternative to the personal shopper – and therefore warrants a place on this list.

The service, which also won a Drapers award in 2014, provides users with a free personal stylist who sends trunks of clothing based on your individual style profile. The recipient simply keeps and pays for the clothes they like (charged at the same rate they retail for) and a courier picks up the rest free of charge.

The Chapar Personal Styling and Clothing Subscription Service UK


When Briefd says it offers men the perfect package, it isn’t being crude. In an attempt to banish relying on partners and mothers to top up your underwear drawer every birthday and Christmas, it offers a new pair of hand-picked pants every month from the likes of Calvin Klein, Armani, Bjorn Borg and Hugo Boss from £12 per pair.

Just choose a size, cut (briefs, trunks or boxers), style (classic or colourful), brand level (standard or premium) and length (that’s how long you want the service – dirty mind!).

Briefd Underwear Subscription Service UK


While we want our coffee instantly, we don’t want it to be instant. Kopi’s coffee experts travel around the world and each month hand-pick and deliver 250g of premium single origin coffee to your door along with guidance on brewing this month’s beans.

From just 33p a cup, with three, six or twelve month subscriptions available, it’s enough to make you walk past Starbucks with a smug look on your face.

Kopi Coffee Subscription Service UK


Sadly, Rubber of the Month, which was a members-only condom club (for your member), appears to no longer be trading as of this year.

The US business was the only one of its kind that delivered to the UK. However, Amazon offers shoppers regular delivery options on condoms from well-known brands including Durex, Pasante and Skins, meaning you can continue to avoid the awkward exchange at the pharmacy for the foreseeable future.

Amazon Condom Subscription Service UK


There’s nothing more manly than a well hung delivery direct to your door. We’re talking – of course – about the Well Hung Meat Company, which offers no fewer than twelve variations of pre-packed meat boxes, containing everything from joints to chops, steaks to mince, and charcuterie to bacon.

Whether you choose boxes designed specifically for diets like Paleo (£34.99) or just want enough to last two to three people for a fortnight (£42.10), everything arrives fresh so you can choose what to eat and what to freeze.

Well Hung Meat Subscription Service UK


BeerBods is a particularly handy service for when you’ve vowed to steer clear of the pub for a few nights, because it brings the booze to you. Known as the UK’s leading online beer club, it send its subscribers twelve beers, complete with information on each, in the post every twelve weeks.

The idea is that members drink the same beer (just one) every week and come together to talk about it online via a weekly #BeerBods twitter tasting. The cost is tasty too: £36 every quarter, the equivalent of £3 a beer.

BeerBods Beer Subscription Service UK