There are many reasons to shun the Apple Watch. You might be put off by having to plug it in every night. You perhaps balk at handing over that much personal data to servers in Cupertino. Maybe you’d rather not wear something that looks more like it belongs on Buck Rogers’ wrist than poking out from under your suit.

Enter Vector Watch, designed for men who want something smart without sacrificing style.

Announced at this year’s Baselworld, the brand’s smartwatches package clever technology in traditional cases, focusing on the important functions – notifications, calendar alerts, and activity and sleep tracking – rather than offering every battery-draining app imaginable. Which is why a single charge will see you good for up to a month.

With 12 models on offer, there’s something to suit any style, from the gold-cased Classics to the sportier Performance options, which can be attached with a sweatproof silicon strap to replace your current fitness monitor.

Best of all, the range starts at just £219 – significantly less outlay than an Apple Watch, but which will still buy you some very appreciative looks.

The Vector Smartwatch Range is available now from, priced from £219.

Vector Watch Collection