Done properly and you’ll look like the high lord of summer swag. Done wrong and you’ll look like Maria von Trapp’s knocked together some seasonal staples for you from your nan’s old curtains.

We’re talking florals, of course – one of the most notoriously tricky trends for a man to pull off with confidence. But fear not, our intrepid flower-loving sartorialists, because we’re here to explain four on-point ways to don petals in a completely cool and masculine way for the season ahead.

Floral Tailoring

Whether you’re heading to a wedding or in need of an outfit for a night somewhere swanky, floral tailoring provides a summery alternative to suits in safer shades.

Granted, punchy prints can seem prohibitively outrageous in the wrong setting, but the likes of ASOS, Topman, River Island, Noose & Monkey and Ted Baker produce the kind of patterned suits that are perfect for guys who want to be the most strikingly dressed man in the room without looking like a petrol station bouquet.

Whether you opt for a floral blazer or go the whole hog with a botanical suit, wear yours with a crisp white button-down shirt underneath and cut a cool, contemporary vibe with a pair of black leather trainers or polished Derbies to finish.

asos 2015 river island ss15

Hawaiian Shirts

Throwing on a Hawaiian shirt doesn’t have to make it look like you’re en route to a luau, you know.

Undoubtedly, it’s the best thing to wear while sinking cocktails or firing up the barbecue, but adding a quality hibiscus-printed number to your summer wardrobe is an easy way to sharpen up your look for an upscale night out.

The 1950s-style collar, similar to those found on a Cuban shirt, means it looks smart done up or worn open with a white crew neck or vest underneath. Layer yours underneath a linen blazer if you want to take things up a notch or two and complete the look with a pair of cropped trousers and tan loafers.

paul & joe ss15 allsaints may 2015 h&m ss12 Faconnable ss15 river island high summer 2015 ovadia & sons ss13

Clashing Patterns

Eschew the sartorial tedium of summer by getting experimental and clashing your patterns.

Not only does combining two completely different prints help inject your warm-weather look with a much-needed dose of personality, it’s also a sure fire way to show everyone how clued up you are on your trends. Ultimately, this is an easy way to tap into the 1970s boho aesthetic without committing to a knowingly crap throwback haircut or anything fringed.

Unsure? Dip your toe by pulling together a subtle floral shirt against trousers with a heavier pattern. The beauty of this look is the fact that there’s no real way of getting it wrong – the whole point is to contrast and set two designs at war against one another.

dunhill ss15 scotch & soda ss15 Asos Occasion Wear ss15 Brioni ss15

Floral Accessories

If you’re not convinced that going full bloom is for you, then try using a few well-placed accessories instead. The devil is in the detail after all, so introducing some eye-catching flourishes to your tailoring, such as a floral tie or pocket square, is a nice way to nod to the trend without being overly showy.

Likewise, NICCE, Stussy, HUF, Carharrt, Vans and WOOD WOOD are just a few of the stellar streetwear brands who’ve nailed low-key florals for the urban crowd, pumping out printed bucket hats and trainers that look killer as the crowing glory on a hard-edged summer ensemble.

asos 2015 zara 2015 j crew ss15 asos 2015 asos 2015 eton holiday 2014