Farah The Askern Wool Coat

Once a favourite of the casuals subculture, US brand Farah has smartened up its act to bring us some suave outerwear this winter.

This camel coat is a particular favourite, taking those retro influences – a three-button closure and a removable Farah pinbadge, for repping the brand on the terraces – but updates them with a slim fit that’s ideal for covering up your actual suit, rather than just a tracksuit.

Available at Farah, priced £170.

Zara Round Nest Of Tables

If nested tables normally provide a Proustian rush to tea at your gran’s house, look to Zara’s typically minimalist take instead. In place of a Queen Anne legs and a polished-to-a-mirror top, you get steel and glass, for a rather more modern way to tackle the timeless problem of unexpected guests.

Available at Zara Home, priced £119.99.

London Undercover Prince Of Wales Classic Umbrella

Cheap umbrellas are a bad move, adept at neither keeping the rain off you or finessing your look.

London Undercover’s more stylish range won’t flip out at the first gust and this Prince of Wales check will work with both workday and weekend wardrobes. Because the weather doesn’t care what you’re wearing.

Available at London Undercover, priced £65.

A.P.C. Small Candle Set

Yes, dudes can appreciate a scented candle. And it doesn’t have to be labelled a ‘Mandle’ or come in a ‘bacon-and-beer’ variant that makes your house smell like a pub.

Just reach for something with the same fragrance as your cologne, like this trio from A.P.C., slotted into minimalist glass holders that impress as much visually as olfactorily. And without the need to reinforce your masculinity with butch portmanteaus.

Available at END Clothing, priced £45.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch

Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay gets an all-black update, to lend a Gothic touch to this year’s Christmas list. Colour scheme (or lack thereof) aside, the brand’s flagship diving watch boasts the same Submariner-indebted styling that made its less inky incarnations such a hit last year, from domed crystal (the better for reading underwater) to its oversized crown.

Available at Iconic Watches, priced £2,100.

Umbro Pro Training Range

Take the whole 1990s revival thing up a gear with Umbro’s Pro Training range, inspired by the England World Cup kit from 25 years ago.

The collection stretches from sweats to football shirts to all-weather kit, giving your sportswear an authentic edge that means you don’t need to root through your dad’s old wardrobe.

Available at Umbro, priced from £23.

Hender Scheme MIP-12 Leather Sneakers

Japanese label Hender Scheme pushes against mass-produced fashion with its artisanal approach to trainers.

This pair of nude-toned sneakers is crafted from blush leather and pays homage to Nike’s ‘Air Presto’ model. Minus the bold colours and sweeping swoosh, of course.

Available at Mr Porter, priced £760.

Discarded Sleeping Stations By George Hields

Conceptual art has always been an easy target for critics, the positioning of ideas over aesthetics opening up artists to accusations that they’re talentless hacks who mask a lack of skill with big words. Ideas that George Hields confronts with this photobook influenced by Ed Ruscha’s Twentysix Gasoline Stations, and in which he snaps discarded sleeping apparatus around Stamford Hill, deliberately ignoring considerations of perspective, framing or composition. The same charges levelled against Ruscha.

Not pretty, but ideal for sparking arguments about the nature of art.

Available at Hostem, from 8 December.