Considering denim is often praised for its durability and hardiness, it’s a wonder why modern obsessives take such great steps to avoid their jeans ever coming into contact with anything that might soil them. Something Wrangler’s new ‘Ready’ collection seeks to address.

Ranging from water-resistant styles to thermal denim, the performance line is designed to prepare urbanites to explore the world beyond their cities. To encourage this get-up-and-go-outside attitude, Wrangler’s teamed up with explorer and all-round action man Alastair Humphreys, an adventurer with six marathons through the Sahara and a pedal-powered circumnavigation of the globe under his belt.

Humphreys has curated a selection of adventures within touching distance of European cities, so you can sling your Wranglers in your bag and head into the country to test them. Visit to take on the challenges, which range from hill climbs to foraging in forests to white water rafting, designed to test your jeans’ rugged construction.

All of which puts your precious denim at risk of dirt, water and sweat. Fortunate, then, that it’s built with water-resistant coatings, Thermolite fabric to provide warmth without bulk, and Tough Max Lyrca to ensure the seams don’t split. Handy whether you’re pedalling through mud, or rush hour traffic.

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Wrangler Performance ‘Ready’ Denim Range