On 1 September, the new registration numbers arrive. Which is the perfect time to buy a new car and show the world that your wheels are fresh off the line.

If the plate’s shiny and new, you want a car to match. These are the best motors to bolt behind it, launching between now and Christmas…

Aston Martin DB11

The long-awaited successor to the DB9, the DB11 (the DB10 was only available to 007) is a corker.

There’s something of the MI6-approved supercar about it, and it goes without saying that it’ll be faster than a speeding bullet. But our favourite part of the ’11 is actually inside: the interior’s a piece of master craftsmanship that we could revel in just sat in the driveway.

Fiat 124 Spider

One of the standout cars from the LA Auto Show, the 124 Spider is Fiat’s spin on the the Mazda MX-5. The Italians have taken that impeccable Japanese engineering, handling and reliability, then dressed it up in a tailor-made Italian suit.

Oh, and a turbocharged 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine that adds buckets of extra torque, so it’ll charge away from the lights. Much more than just a pretty face.

Mercedes C-Class Convertible

The C-Class was never supposed to be sexy: the original looked like something you’d see parked up outside the local British Legion. But the current model has enjoyed a hefty facelift and lipo, which has turned a spinster into a trophy bride. Especially with the top sliced off.

Alongside its looks, the new C-Class comes with more tech than a CERN lab and, in AMG spec, it’ll probably outrun an accelerated particle.

Maserati Levante

Maserati’s Quattroporte is the most stylish saloon on the planet. And now they’ve churned out a contender for prettiest SUV.

Although it’s actually as big as a BMW X6, it doesn’t look like a mid-sized plane and promises to be barrels of fun to throw around. Inside, go for the full red leather. Because if you can’t be vulgar in an posh-roader, where can you be?

Bugatti Chiron

We’re not sure we need to list the reasons you’d want to pick up a Chiron when it launches later this year. But we’ll do it anyway: it will hit 261 miles-per-hour; it looks the progeny of the Batmobile and an Air Hockey puck; and it’s predicted to cost about £1.9m when it lands. Which means you’ve got as much chance of getting hold of one as you did its predecessor, the legendary Veyron.

If you do know someone on the inside, can we get a ride?

Tesla Model X

History will probably mark this car as the point at which the robot ascendancy started. It’s so smart that Stephen Hawking’s probably the only man who could outwit it.

There’s no centre console – just the world’s largest tablet, which controls everything. Even the steering. It’s also electric, so it will help keep the planet clean – for our new mechanical overlords.