Other than buzzing your all of your hair off, growing a fringe is one of the few ways you can use your hair to noticeably change the shape of your face. Great for hiding big foreheads, or shortening longer face shapes, a carefully chosen fringe can give a whole new look not just to your hair, but your mug too.

But as with any game-changing styling trick, there’s scope to get it wrong. Like Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men wrong. Or Pete Wentz.

To ensure you don’t fall foul of the fringe, there are three things to consider: the length (a long fringe is good for rectangular or oval face shapes; a short one is better for round, squarer types); the volume (reaching high and pushing out; or left to sit close to the forehead); and the shape (rounded, or sharper and angular). Depending on your hair’s texture, density and the way it falls naturally, there’s a style of fringe to suit you.

Take a look through 33 of the best fringe styles below:

Classic Fringe

Cropped Fringe

Short Fringe

Heavy Angular Fringe

Short Afro Hair With Fringe

Classic Fringe With Texture

Textured Angular Fringe

Curly Long Hair With Fringe

Mid Fade With Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe

Cropped Hair With Medium Fringe

Afro Hair With Undercut

Wet Look Side-Swept Fringe

Natural Afro Hair With Fringe

Long-Length Wavy Fringe

Long Fringe With Extra Volume

Textured High-Shine Fringe

Messy Medium Fringe

Classic Side-Swept Fringe

Medium Heavy Textured Fringe

Short Heavy Textured Fringe

Tousled Fringe

Medium Length With Textured Fringe

Wavy Fringe

Fade With Blunt Fringe

Classic Side-Swept Fringe

Textured Short Fringe

Forward-Styled Fringe

Heavy High-Shine Fringe

Longer Length With Full Fringe

Side-Parted Fringe With Short Sides

Extra Angular Fringe