A watch. Can’t afford a Swiss Made watch? Take advantage of the Christmas spirit and have someone else shell out for one for you. That’s how it works, right? The Christmas spirit?

High-quality socks. Not just a myth; well-made wool-cotton socks wear better, and keep your feet warmer.

Premium cotton T-shirts. Sure, you need socks, but – now that the mankle’s enough of a thing that we don’t need to put it in quotation marks – you probably need T-shirts more. Think about it.

A journal. Here’s a shocker: men have feelings too. Even if you don’t want to use a journal as a diary, they can help keep track of your thoughts and ideas; from the money-making to the incriminating.

Tweezers. Armed with a pair of these, even the most unseasoned of groomers can rid themselves of a monobrow ahead of a New Year’s party.

A power bank. As long as tech companies keep building obsolescence into their smartphones, you’re going to need something to keep yours juiced. The Zendure A2 6700mAh packs enough power to fully charge a smartphone twice, possibly three times, on just one charge. Your move, Apple.

Zendure A2 Power Bank 6700mAh - Ultra-durable Portable External Battery Charger

Suit bags. Because moths.

Sunglasses. Sure, wearing sunglasses in winter might signal to others that you’re a bit of a tool. But getting this holiday expense out of the way early is a good way of keeping more cash in the kitty for when you’re eventually poolside. Until then, they can be used to ease the inevitable New Year’s hangover.

Try: Oliver Peoples, Garrett Leight, Ray-Ban

A subscription service. Why settle for Christmas once a year when you can have it once a month? Subscription boxes – whether for coffee, cold ones or condoms – are the gift that keeps on giving.

A throw. There’s nothing manly about being cold. Plus, it’s probably time you covered those sofa stains…

A card holder. Make 2017 the year you stop wallets wrecking the lines of your tailoring.

An Ecoalf Aspen down jacket. Not only does this jacket look good, it does good too. Made from fabric woven from recycled fishing nets, Ecoalf’s Aspen jacket keeps you warm and cuts down on marine pollution. Smug AF.

A good cookbook. Because it’s the 21st century.

The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century

A lamp. Still choosing between two extremes of lighting: pitch black and operating theatre? Switch your family on to sorting you out with a stylish lamp.

Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Crack a joke about being 27 going on 72 if you have to, but trust us, you won’t regret this one.

Cufflinks. Few men buy them for themselves, but a good pair of cufflinks will take you from cradle to grave.

A wake-up light alarm clock. Dark winter mornings make it even harder to crowbar yourself out from under the duvet. A wake-up light alarm clock mimics a real sunrise to coax your body into getting up and at ‘em.

Gym membership. As if (AS IF) you’re going to buy it yourself.

A Bolin Webb X1 razor. Not all razors are created equal. British brand Bolin Webb’s X1 combines an ergonomic design with a sleek aesthetic that promises your smoothest, most stylish shave yet.

X1 Cooper Red & Case

Slippers. Want to get laid in 2017? Ditch the novelty gorilla claw slippers. A classic shearling-lined pair will keep your plates of meat warm and comfortable without compromising on style.

A document holder. New year, new job? Only if you clinch yourself a professional-ready document holder for that all-important interview.

A suit. See above.

Try: Suitsupply, Reiss, T.M.Lewin

Whiskey (and whiskey tumblers). For when you finally get the job slash whenever really – whiskey, am I right?

Decent headphones. They’ll prove useful long after you use them to drown out the in-laws over Christmas dinner.

Sonos speakers. See above.

Sonos 3-Room Music System Starter Set

Cheaney ‘1 of 1’. What’s better than a pair of handcrafted shoes? Handcrafted shoes you designed yourself. British shoemaker Cheaney’s ‘1 of 1’ service (available at its Jermyn St flagship store) allows for complete customisation – from lining to sole colour.

A great chair. Nothing like a good long sit during the festive season.

A course to improve yourself. It’s almost the new year, so it’s time for a new you. Asking for a course to help you improve a set of skills or hone a hobby is much better than writing a Facebook status.

A framed print. You no longer live in halls of residence. (No, old FHM pin-ups don’t count either.)

A memory foam pillow. You’ve followed the old saying and invested in your shoes and your sheets, so why then do you continue lay your head on a brick? Invest in a memory foam pillow. (Well, let someone else make the investment for you.)

A Philips Series 7000 vacuum beard trimmer. Christmas is a fraught enough time as it is – don’t add a beard hair-covered sink into the mix. Save your relationship with Philips’ latest innovation, which sucks up to 90 per cent of cut hair.


A designer pocket square. Luxury clothing is expensive, but ask for an accessory and you’ll get something from the greats that won’t cost them the earth.

An activity tracker. Looking to get fit in 2017? An activity tracker can be enough to motivate you (or shame you) into swapping the TV tray for the treadmill.

Matching coat hangers. Your wardrobe’s only as good as the stuff inside it – and that isn’t just limited to your clothing.

Underwear. Do you really need a reason?

Try: David Gandy for M&S, Hanro, Derek Rose

Your favourite aftershave. Just make sure to spell out exactly what you want – leave the empty bottle laying around, send links if you have to – or risk getting something that smells like rubbing alcohol.

A Tom Daxon candle. Not to be confused with the product designer of a very similar name, 20-something-year-old Tom Daxon is the man behind the British fragrance brand that’s a breath of fresh air in a market saturated by samey scents.