40 Things That Are Worth The Money

The wise and very rich Warren Buffet once said that “price is what you pay; value is what you get.” And at a net worth of over 63 billion dollars, dude should know.

The message is clear: just because something’s exorbitantly expensive doesn’t mean it’s value for money, and just because something else is languishing in a bargain bin doesn’t mean it’s not.

These are the things we think it’s worth spending on. Because sometimes the extra outlay’s worth it.

1. Spotify.

2. Art that you actually like. Sure, you could look at it purely as an investment, but if you don’t like what you buy enough to hang it on a wall at home, then you’re not really getting your money’s worth.

3. A personal trainer. Because that beach body isn’t going to make itself.

4. Quality shoes. Obviously. Look for full grain leather and Goodyear-welted construction for smart shoes that’ll last.

5. An ergonomic desk and chair. Because no matter how expensive you think they are, they’re cheaper than a chiropractor.

6. A comfortable mattress. And high-thread count sheets. In fact, everything about your bed and what’s on it should be the very best you can afford. Remember: two of the best things in life happen here, so don’t skimp.

7. A barber you can trust to cut your hair properly. They might charge as little as £10 or as much as £100 – if it means you walk out with a barnet more Brad Pitt than Boris Johnson, it’s money well spent.

A decent haircut is always worth the money


8. Laser eye surgery. Because there’s no price on your sight. Plus, how many pairs of expensive glasses have you lost in the last six months?

9. Gadget insurance. You will lose/drop/flood your iPhone at some point.

10. Travelling. Anywhere. If you were to die tomorrow, chances are seeing as much of the world as possible in your tragically short life wouldn’t rank high on your regrets list.

11. Non-stop flights. Travelling any other way isn’t worth it.

12. Luggage. There’s little point in seeing the world if every time you touch down, half of what you packed gets left behind. Holes develop fast in sub-par suitcases, so shell out for something that’ll stand the test of time.

13. The highest-speed internet connection available. For, you know, work…

14. A set of quality knives. Nothing will break you mentally faster than trying to chop with a blunt knife. Nothing.

15. Cosmetic surgery. No, it’s not a decision you should take lightly – and the quality of the results are relative to your own expectations – but fixing something that’s been holding you back your whole life can give you a whole new lease on it. (Read our impartial guide here.)

Cosmetic surgery could change your life

16. A proper overcoat. Yes, shelling out over a grand on an item of clothing might make your eyes water. But dividing the outlay by every day in winter for 20 years makes that cost per wear calculation a lot prettier. And it’s probably the only thing you’ll own that will never date – and you’ll never outgrow.

17. Running shoes. Don’t think twice about replacing them when they’re beat. If they stink, and the sole has worn down to a shadow of its former self, it’s time to trade them in for the newer model. Researchers suggest replacing runners (no matter how good they are) every 300 to 500 miles.

18. Tattoos. Seriously.

19. A multipurpose suit. Whether that’s a tweed three-piece or a slim-cut navy single-breasted style depends on what’s usually in your calendar. Ideally though, it works for both attending a wedding and meeting your potential boss for the first time.

20. A divorce (potentially).

21. A pair of stylish polarised sunglasses. Thanks to leaps in technology, polarised sunglasses aren’t expensive. An aesthetically pleasing pair made from quality Italian acetate however, might cost a little more – make sure you cough up though, or it’ll look like you picked them up along with some Paracetamol.

22. A Ferrari track day. Just so you know what you’re missing.

Ferrari Track Day

23. Sunscreen. (Just ask Baz Luhrmann.)

24. Headphones better than the ones that come with the device.

25. A toolbox.

26. An umbrella that doesn’t explode at the first sign of a breeze.

27. A clothing subscription service that works for you. 50 years ago, the closest most men came to a personal stylist was their long-suffering wife. But it’s different these days.

These days you can save your marriage and sort your wardrobe with online personal styling services like The Chapar, Dappad and Five Four Club – all of which can save you time, money and sanity lost shopping on the high street.

Personal stylist services

28. Bamboo cotton socks. Like sliding your feet into honey. Plus, you can wear them three days on the bounce without needing to wash them. You know, just in case.

29. Alcohol. Because you’re too old for hangovers.

30. An electric toothbrush. They’re scientifically proven to be more effective in reducing dental plaque and gingivitis.

31. Coffee. Because the world’s a scary enough place without adding instant coffee into the mix.

32. A leather weekender. Because while a tote, backpack or a briefcase have their place, you can pack one of these for work or a weekend away. Without compromising your style.

33. Kids. They cost £229,251 each. But they’ll probably make you happier than that Enzo.

Kids are worth the money

34. Condoms. (See above.)

35. A barbecue that you’ll actually want to use.

36. A watch you can wear with everything. Here’s how to build your wardrobe.

37. Sushi. Some foods, like chips or pho, you don’t need to spend major bucks on to make sure you don’t get food poisoning. Sushi is not one of those foods.

38. Date night.

39. Denim. Cheap jeans won’t last but their negative effects on both the environment and the people making them will. Shell out a little extra for a pair of Nudies – which are ethically manufactured using organic cotton – and you’ll look good without exacerbating fast fashion’s impact.

40. A round for everyone in the bar, once in your life.

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