A winter coat is a bit like a mortgage: something you shop around for that – although potentially financially crippling – is with any luck good value for money. Sure, one might be a lot less expensive than the other, but hopefully it’ll last just as long.

The first step in buying a good winter coat is figuring out what you want it to do. Looking for something to keep you dry en route to the office? A trench hits the spot. Or maybe you need something more substantial to stem winter’s chill? A padded parka packs the insulating power you need.

And thankfully, now you don’t even have to risk freezing your proverbials off going from store to store in search of them – just head straight to Superdry, where you can choose the perfect fit for the colder weather from the brand’s hundreds-strong AW16 outerwear collection.

Here are five worth adding to your cold-weather rotation:

The Parka

The parka’s trending. Most recently made fashionable by a slew of menswear designers who showed tailored parkas a couple of autumn/winters ago, the former military staple is the new, more modern alternative to the wool overcoat you usually reach for.

But as with any trending piece, brands and retailers are bound to pounce, churning out an army of subpar spins faster than you can say ‘ten-hut!’. Which usually means wading through a lot of dross to get to the good stuff.

Thankfully, Superdry is nothing if not technical nous – which means you won’t regret plumping for one of their parkas, like the Chinook, which comes replete with cold-deflecting details including a fleece-lined hood, detachable faux fur trim and six outer pockets.

Chinook Parka Jacket, available at superdry.com, priced £124.99.

The Field Jacket

In the market for something that looks tough, but doesn’t resemble something you raided from your local military surplus?

Try Superdry’s Rookie field jacket on for size. More military-inspired than fully enlisted, the Rookie has all the hallmarks of a field jacket – the army green colour, epaulettes and pockets for pretty much anything – but comes in a lightweight yet sturdy cotton cut for a tailored fit. It’s lined with fleece too, which provides that extra bit of ballast you’ll need for braving the winter elements.

Rookie Heavy Weather Field Jacket, available at superdry.com, priced £84.99.

The Quilted Jacket

Thought the only way to beat winter was a mammoth coat? Maybe, but coats are cumbersome and depending on what you’re styling them with, not always entirely practical.

A warm, yet lightweight jacket – like Superdry’s Rain Racer – lends itself to layering, letting you easily slot your main layer into your looks you’ve already put together, rather than having to build them around it. Quilted throughout and lined with warmth-trapping fleece, this jacket is the glue your winter looks need – as good over a shirt and jumper as it is slid underneath a bulkier first line of defence.

Rain Racer Jacket, available at superdry.com, priced £94.99.

The Leather Jacket

If climate change has taught us anything, it’s that your wardrobe needs to be mutable. So while, sure, a shearling jacket is bound to get more wear in January than July, seasons as we know them are shifting. Which means your outerwear should, too.

Ensuring you’ve got at least one between-season jacket at your disposal means you won’t spend winter’s warmer days sweating. For a top layer you can bookend the cold months with, look to the Endurance Indy biker – a premium 100 per cent soft leather jacket you can put to work when anything heavier would mean overheating.

Endurance Indy Leather Jacket, available at superdry.com, priced £274.99.

The Trench Coat

Parkas and padded jackets are all well and good when you’re weekend strolling, but what about when you’re hoofing it between meetings?

Superdry’s Rogue trench coat is the perfect top layer for tailored looks. Cut from lightweight cotton, it’s both lightweight and breathable while its clean-lined silhouette is sharp enough to complement any suit. Plus, you can throw it on over a shirt and shacket for an easy layered weekend look.

Rogue Trench Coat, available at superdry.com, priced £124.99.

The full Superdry AW16 outerwear collection is available online at superdry.com/jackets.