There’s no use holding out any longer – summer has officially ended. That back-to-school feeling is creeping in; leaves are turning the floor brown and conkers have inexplicably appeared.

Wind and rain are imminent. So make sure you’ve made enough hair preparations that the change of the season doesn’t take you by storm.

Opt For A Slicker Style

A smarter style can often be a good option for the autumn – chilled summer vibes are over, and you’ll need something to tart yourself up when going back to work (dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and all of that).

Joth Davies, founder and barber at Savills, suggests that you go for a side-parting pompadour if you want something arresting that could work for the season.

Use a pomade to style it, “So when the winds pick up and the weather gets dodgy, it’s going to hold the hair in place much better.” If you prefer a more relaxed look, give the wind something to ruffle. “Make sure it’s left long on top and is looser, with curls and natural movement.”

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Consider Creams

When the weather shifts, it’s a good idea to move away from the natural finishes created by texturizing dusts, or the textured volume created by salt sprays.

Instead, choose a cream or paste and run through your hair, starting at the roots. “If you’re wearing a hat, you can rework a paste or a cream, while it’s far trickier when you’re using powders,” says Davies.

So, is hat hair a thing of the past? Not entirely – Davies warns that if you have finer hair, a paste or cream will drown it, and a hat will not help your look. In this case, a clay would be a better option.

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Remix Your Beard

Davies has noticed that beards are still incredibly popular, with every other service at Savills including some sort of beard trim. “With winter approaching beards are a good way to keep your face just a little bit warmer,” he says. Practical and stylish – what’s not to like?

Let summer’s clean shave give way to something short and manageable. It should only take a week or two to grow, and can help to accentuate your bone structure – visit your barber for personalised advice on how to maintain the shape.

“Use an oil or a balm, depending on the thickness,” says Davies. “This helps to put moisture back into the beard and the skin on your face.” Flaky skin isn’t trending.

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Match Your Style To The Weather

While early autumn lends itself to a new, exciting style, make sure you don’t go overboard with a look that you can’t handle.

“Don’t expect a quiff to stay in place in windy areas, unless you’re using a pomade and dryer to style it,” says Tommy Cunliffe manager of Ruffians Shoreditch.

Instead, opt for something a bit more manageable. “You can go for a short back and sides, with a nicer taper – and keep the top textured, but neat.” To smarten it up, keep the sides trimmed and tight, which makes the look easy to maintain as the months get colder and wetter.

Make Head Match Body

“We occasionally have the odd client who wants a really specific, 1950s rockabilly ‘do, but he’s wearing urban, athleisure clothing brands,” says Cunliffe. You don’t need to rip your look straight from the runway, but if your clothes are low-maintenance, your trim should be too.

“Don’t be that guy who wants a simple messy haircut and beard, though he works in the city and wears a pinstripe suit every day.”

Instead, take your overall look into consideration. “Your barber should be able to gauge what sort of lifestyle you lead and so can figure out a haircut that matches well,” says Cunliffe. If you’re wearing a suit most days, opt for a soft side parting, or sweepback look and a tidy beard. If you’re in the creative industry, pretty much anything goes – but don’t mix too many trends.