Premiere Home Cinema Chair

The biggest perk of swapping your local multiplex for your front room is not having to squeeze into a seat that even EasyJet would deem a touch poky, for The Revenant’s bum-numbing run time.

The Premiere Home Cinema Chair features inbuilt massage motors, seat warmers and a beverage cooler in the armrest to keep your drink chilled, whether you opt for a bottle of Coke or something harder that your Odeon manager would nix. The only challenge will be staying awake during Leo’s long trek through the forest.

Available at Home Cinema Seating, priced £1,299.

BenQ W1070+ Projector

Unless you like your films at tinnitus-inducing levels, you need a projector that won’t drown out your screening. And unless you live underground, daylight can render your films almost unwatchable.

BenQ’s W1070+ packs a lot of punch into a small package; Full HD resolution, 3D capability and a super-bright bulb, so even without blackout blinds you can enjoy daytime Jeremy Kyle as it was meant to be seen.

Available at eBuyer, priced £589.98.

Hi-Fi Sound PlayBar Sonos

When your home’s other inhabitants won’t let you drill holes in all the walls for a surround sound system, Sonos steps in. Its soundbar is equipped with nine built-in digital amplifiers, three tweeters and six mid-range units, to flood any room with cine-style Hi-Fi sound.

Its ‘Night Sound’ feature also automatically shushes any loud noises, so no one wakes up to ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ during those late night Rocky screenings.

Available at Sonos, priced £599.

Celexon Projector Screen

Unless you live in some MTV Cribs-style mansion, your ‘home cinema’ probably doubles up as what other people call ‘the living room’. And they definitely don’t want a white sheet taped over the wall.

This screen rolls up into a ceiling mount so you can deploy it only when needed and features a matt coating to kill light reflection, for sharper images. If you’re pushed for space, its black backing even means you can mount it over a window without light bleeding through.

Available at Projectorshop24, priced £89.99.

Royal Catering PopCorn Maker

Nothing from a bag will ever approach the tongue-prickling glory of popcorn you’ve popped yourself. But because you don’t want to pause The Big Lebowski to re-up on the hob, you need some always on the go.

Park this popcorn maker in the corner and just top your box up whenever you’re running low. Now you don’t need to order sweet to please your other half when you actually wanted salted.

Available at Expondo, priced £176.

Loxone Light Dimmers

Get that genuine cinema experience by dropping the lights without ever leaving your seat. This dimmer attaches to your light switches but plays nice with an app on your phone, so you can control the lights like a 21st-century wizard.

If you decide to visit the actual cinema you can still control the lights over the internet, convincing any would-be burglars that you’re actually home. The 21st century take on Kevin’s Home Alone ploy.

Available at Loxone, priced £87.

Deconovo Blackout Curtains

Even the punchiest projector is gets a boost from less light leaking in. These blackout curtains kill not just ambient light, but ambient sound too, helping to muffle what’s happening outside and stop sound reflections bouncing around your living room and killing your war film’s battle scenes.

Available at Amazon, priced £28.99.